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Omarosa: Better Get Ready

Diamond and Silk have been silent so far about Omarosa Manigault. Not because they aren’t starting to formulate some opinions about the mouthy game-show host. Just that Diamond and Silk haven’t read Omarosa’s book about President Donald Trump yet, so why comment when the goods are still not out? The pair promise, though: Get your ass ready, Omarosa!

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In a related twist, NBC’s Lester Holt tried to strong-arm Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to censor President Donald Trump’s tweets because Trump called the traitorous skank Omarosa Manigault a “dog.”  First off, Holt, the last thing any news outlet should ever be doing is pushing censorship. You and NBC deserve to be boycotted based on that alone.

Secondly, the president has every right to call Manigault a “dog.” He could have called her a bitch, but he showed some restraint and didn’t. Ourselves, we’re inclined to side with former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who worked with Manigault on the campaign trail. He describes her as a “rat bastard” and a “snake.”

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Bill Whittle, Scott Orr and James Green also discuss Omarosa Manigault and her book Unhinged.  They note that the news media immediately trust her allegations about Trump. What happened to real journalism, where reporters first tried to corroborate the facts? And are we falling into her trap by doing this show?

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