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Twitter Goes After Dice

Mark Dice has had his channel locked on Twitter at the same time that Stefan Molyneux suffers several YouTube strikes. It appears the social media giants, all run by rabid Leftist skanks, are in full censorship mode. Are they so stupid that they want over half the country to abandon their platforms? Liberals, after all, only represent about 25 to 33 percent of the nation, depending on the issue.

Styxhexenhammer666 covers the ongoing carnage. He says, “Disgraceful that Youtube has not addressed the issue of obvious illegitimate false flagging.” Yes, it is disgraceful, but YouTube has shown signs for at least a year of going off the deep end and turning evil. Sad to see Twitter, Apple and Facebook following suit. May they all be damned in Hell.

Here, Molyneux talks about the moves by YouTube to ban him. You have to ask: What is wrong with the folks running that platform? Were they born in a barn? It’s quite obvious some petty, soy boy Leftists have been running amok, trying to get everything to the right of Paul McCartney banned. Should we do the same to the lying Leftist channels, like The Young Turks? Nah, because we are not censor creeps. They are.

The solution: We need a robust platform that does not practice this form of insidious and mindless censorship, and we all need to gravitate to that platform. We should all be abandoning YouTube, as well as Twitter and Facebook in the near future. And do not buy Apple’s computers. Overpriced and overrated.

They want you gone — forever! And they will not stop now. That is the problem for those of us using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like. These platforms don’t have the slightest interest in protecting our free speech as conservatives. They not only dislike conservatives. They hate Republicans, Christians, the military — anyone who doesn’t espouse their SJW nonsense.

Sargon of Akkad is among those who has borne the brunt of censorship. He says it’s time for all of us to move over to alternative media platforms, including Minds, Gab and Bitchute.

Finally, President Donald Trump spoke out forcefully on Saturday, calling out the social media companies that have been censoring and attacking conservatives, Christians and Republicans. Here, Candace Owens of Turning Point USA responds to the president’s criticism. She says the companies almost always apologize and backtrack, but notes how peculiar it is that they are always taking aim at the same targets — Christians and conservatives — and never Leftist assholes like Antifa. We find it odd as well and believe it is time to begin to bust up these monster companies on anti-trust charges.


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