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Liberals Clawing at Door

Ah, the smell of victory! Watch as Liberals claw at the doors of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., expressing their anger over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as the new Justice. These people do not take defeat lightly, although you would think they would be getting used to it by now. They are being rolled back at every turn. Mark Dice has more.

They are kung fu fighting…or at least, practicing their kicks as these feminists take part in the Kavanaugh protests.

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In today’s “TRY NOT TO CRINGE” episode, Barbara4U2C goes through Anti-Kavanaugh protest signs. Grab a beer and enjoy the show.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says the Liberals are ripping themselves apart over Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Now only did their arch nemesis win appointment, but they lost ground with the voters just ahead of the election, leading another million or so to veer Republican.

Dick Morris says the Kavanaugh hearings showed the sheer genius of President Donald Trump. As the Liberals lined up against Kavanaugh, they revealed for all to see their most despicable traits. They would lie, they would cheat, they would do anything and everything to try to get their way. The American public recognized we were dealing with the equivalent of infants — just ahead of the November election.

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