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CIA’s Hippie Mind Control

The hippie movement of the 1960s, which began in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, and peculiar military and political ties to prominent figures in the scene like Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa are looked at with Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon author Dave McGowan. We also discuss movement pioneer Vito Paulekas, Charles Manson and the Manson Family murders, and the theory that the CIA manufactured the hippie counterculture to undermine the anti-war movement, in this uncensored Antidote interview, hosted by Michael Parker. This video is from February of 2015. McGowan died in November of 2015, diagnosed with an unusually aggressive form of lung cancer.

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Here is another excellent review and analysis of McGowan’s book from Jay Dyer. Dyer is the author of a comparable book — Esoteric Hollywood. He says, “This audio reviews Dave’s research, looks at his claims and adds my own information to some of his puzzle pieces.” We invite Stormy followers to not only check out McGowan and Dyer’s Hollywood books, but also McGowan’s seminal research on the Boston Marathon bombing, showing definitely how it was a hoax. Interesting how his cancer flared up so quickly after he made these observations.

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