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Fauci Caused The Pandemic

Today we look at damning new info coming out of the Maricopa County Forensic audit and the reboot of the pipeline. Also, Rand Paul says Fauci may be to blame for the whole pandemic and mind control with magnets is a reality. More from RedPill78.


Attack Of The Braindead Sheep

Part 2 of my conversation with Dilara Esengil, California attorney, truther and activist. We touch on just about everything in the second half: The ATTACK of the SLEEPING SHEEP, GREY ALIENS, entity specific CRAFT, ADRENOCHROME SHORTAGE and the EFFECTS, Hollywood PANIC, REPTILIANS, EBES, MIND CONTROL, Area 51, Montauk, and more from McAllister TV.

Introduction To The Unknown

TIME TRAVEL! MONTAUK! World Wide ADRENOCHROME SHORTAGE! HOLLYWOOD HYBRIDS! AREA 51! GREYS! REPTILIANS! MIND CONTROL… McAllister TV goes Into The Unknown, featuring a lively discussion between host Linda Paris and Dilara Essengil, longtime California attorney with experience on the vice squad.


Decoding Ancient Knowledge

Jessie Czebotar returns to Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the great decode of ancient knowledge and how entities use this to control humanity. She explains the meaning behind the code and how to read it. You can see her latest decode on the Reveal Report at Here are both parts in the two-part series.

How’s MK-Ultra Directed At You

MK-Ultra has changed. It is now more powerful than ever. Learn how it is directed at you. More from Jessie Czebotar joining Sarah Westall. This is the second half of a two-part series. The first half appeared Monday and was titled You’re Up Against Mind Control.

You’re Up Against Mind Control

Jessie Czebotar rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the advanced manipulation and control techniques, including MK-Ultra, that are being used on society. She explains how people are convinced to do the bidding of others by using their own mental construct. It’s so powerful it can be used to force people to go against their own needs and well being. This is the first of two parts. We will present the second half as well following its release.


Six Signs Of MK-Ultra Control

We’re used to bizarre behavior from Hollywood celebrities, but how much of it is really a sign of something darker?

In the early 1950s, the CIA began a highly secretive and nefarious mind-control experiment known as MK-Ultra and later, Monarch. Its goal: to gain complete control over the human mind. Signs of the controversial project began showing up in the minds of the era’s best-known stars, such as Marilyn Monroe. Today, actors, musicians, politicians and some professional athletes are said to be under the influence of this powerful, trauma-based mind control. Governments and private industries have worked it for many decades, from electroshock therapy to drug use and beyond, and all to get individuals to do absolutely anything they are programmed to.

Some of the names will shock you: Britney Spears, who also is troubled with multiple personalities, NBC’s Al Roker, Beyonce, Niki Minaj and many others. Once these stars get big enough, they are no longer a person, but a controlled asset of the Illuminati. In the following video, RenaudBe breaks down six signs of Monarch mind control and no figure sparks more speculation in MK-Ultra lore than the illusive, mysterious, shadowy controllers known as handlers. Notable figures from Ellen DeGeneres to Bob Hope have been alleged to be handlers, disguised as security or entourage members, entrusted with code words to control the “slave.”  Here’s a deeper look into the strange world of MK-Ultra with RenaudBe.

Mind-Control Software

Here’s a look at how the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency are using artificial super-intelligent software to enable mind control. They can go far as to plant strategies in the minds of demonstrators, for instance, leading them to rebel more fiercely or to roll over and want to go to sleep. These are the kinds of closeted weapons that Edward Snowden discussed, as well as many years ago, William Binney, a whistleblower and former intelligence officer with the National Security Agency.

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Charities And Mind Control

An organization claiming to fight child labor that makes its money by providing educational materials serving to groom children for a life of low-paid, high-stress, psychologically manipulative coercion? Indeed! But there a lot of history behind this, and in this video I go through connections you will have to see to believe. More from Amazing Polly.


Notre Dame: The 14th Ritual

Gene Decode appears on McAllister TV and explains how the burning at the Notre Dame Cathedral occurred earlier than it had been scheduled by the Satanists. As a result, the portal that had been opened for Satan shattered, and this monstrous behemoth could not reach the Earth. Instead of doom, we got a reprieve — a period of the Great Awakening allowing for a rebirth in Christianity and worship of God.

There are fascinating signs Gene draws upon to explain how the timeline got twisted by the White Hats, leaving Michelle Obama and the other Satanic acolytes, like Ellen DeGeneres, crestfallen. Even the name of the city of Paris is a clue. “Par” in French means “For” and “Is” stands for “Isis.”

Can they still summon Satan? Apparently so. But not until the stars line up again. In the meantime, rejoice in the wisdom and resiliency of our Lord, and learn the telltale signs so we can avert disaster again. Time for the Satanists to be arrested and punished, especially those who have been involved in the trafficking and slaying of children.

The Gene Decode segment begins 23 minutes into the video, in case you don’t have time to watch the entire program.

Here, Gene Decode provides a detailed summary of the #MK-Ultra mind control programs that have been operated around the world since the close of WWII. In the United States, the MK-Ultra and subsequent Monarch programs have largely fallen under the control of the CIA and various arms of the US military. Much of the brainwashing and trauma research has occurred on military bases or underground in deep DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Gene Decode describes the different kinds of subjects — Alphas, Betas, Gammas, for instance. Many are subjected to trauma abuse since their younger years. Their minds are split into different personalities. They can be triggered to become assassins or act as sex slaves or even conduct secretive missions. Gene Decode says the most elaborate of the Monarch/MK-Ultra installations — at China Lake — has been destroyed. But there remain many such sites yet to demolish — from an underground DUMB in Las Vegas to Fort Detrick in Maryland.

More from Gene Decode and cirstenw. This is from Bitchute, as much of the cirstenw channel is being wiped off YouTube.


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