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Fiction That Predicts The Future

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the history of predictive programming in film. How do so many movies, novels or other works of fiction, accurately predict the future 5, 10 or even 20 years ahead of time?


America’s Collapse Foreseen

Want to understand the secret game plan for the collapse of the United States? Jay Dyer lays out the plan in a hour-long segment guest-hosting InfoWars.

For his source, he turns to the book The Game of Nations: The Amorality of Power Politics, written in 1969 by CIA co-founder Miles Copeland Jr. Stationed in London, Copeland joined the Corps of Intelligence Police, which later evolved to become part of the CIA.

His sphere of activity encompassed much of the Middle East, from Iraq and Syria to Egypt. His book tells of his relationship with Gamal Abdel Nassar, who had overthrown King Farouk and became the leader of Egypt.

Copeland was originally born in Alabama and fashioned himself as a jazz musician. His three sons all became more heavily involved with music, including Stewart Copeland, drummer of the band The Police; Ian Copeland, who helped launch the New Wave movement; and Miles Copeland III, founder of the I.R.S. recording label, who managed such acts as The Bangles, The Go-Gos, the Dead Kennedys and R.E.M.

How Tolkien Exposed Illuminati

Serving as guest host of The Alex Jones Show, Jay Dyer breaks down how J.R.R. Tolkien as well as fellow sci-fi visionary C.S. Lewis exposed the graft and corruption of the Illuminati. As Dyer cheekily puts it, “Alex Jones was right again.”

CIA And Satanic Pop Culture

Jay Dyer of breaks down the CIA connections to Hollywood, the music industry, postmodern art, and the satanic ideology it perpetuates. More from InfoWars.

Coming Satanic Age Is Here

⁣Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the rise of the Satanic Age with the globalist Great Reset.

H.G. Wells: The Future Pope

A genderless from the FUTURE honors HG Wells, the prophet. Yes, the plan of the future is to live inside or above a Wal Mart, Target or Google City. Quite Literally. Moving on in our globalist books series, we cover HG Wells baffling and Satanic text, The Open Conspiracy. The 1935 text is a comparable companion to Bertrand Russell’s works and the rest of the Quigley Crew. The Open Conspiracy proposes the New World Order is itself the new religion of the future. Follow the link to watch the Rokfin video by Jay Dyer.

Covid-19 A Product Of MK Ultra

TV personality and author Jay Dyer says today’s manufactured medical crisis, aka Covid-19, ties directly into the history of the sinister MK-Ultra Project, a series of mind-control experiments on human subjects conducted by the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s.

“A lot of people don’t know that today’s crises come out of psychological warfare strategies and plans,” Dyer says. “Once we understand how the elite have used wartime intelligence and wartime operations on the people, then we can completely decode and understand what’s going on.” In a guest host appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” on Infowars, Dyer takes a deeper look at MK Ultra and its players and how it’s influencing the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dark Plan To Mutate Man

The globalists are keenly aware of human potential, but they’re afraid of it and want to dumb-down the general public so they can play God and not have competition. They’ve launched a desperate, depopulation, brain-damaging program to destroy capitalism and what’s left of free market, because their socialist New World Order can’t compete with America.

Author and TV peronality Jay Dyer joins InfoWars and Alex Jones to discuss the globalists’ dark plan to mutate man.

Justice For Maxwell Unlikely

Author and TV host Jay Dyer, whose work focuses on geopolitics, culture and film, tells Shaun Attwood that it’s unlikely there will be any justice in the Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking case. Though, he says, there’s a strong possibility she will be suicided.

Dyer, who also specializes in decoding Hollywood politics and culture, is almost certain Jeffrey Epstein was suicided and vehemently disagrees with Lin Wood’s assumption that he is still with us. In the following video, he also discusses Epstein’s connection to the KGB and his transformation from modest means into the sinister world of pedophilia, a model he borrowed from Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, whom Dyer called the “Epstein of the Cold War.”


A Fly In The Ointment

Chillin tonight, taking some calls, rounding out another week in a year that is steadily draining away. Tonight’s returning guest of Jay Dyer, Author, Comedian, Television personality, and esoteric analyst of Hollywood, Media, and the Occult…but I repeat myself. I don’t know what else, I am just about ready to stop thinking for the rest of the weekend. We’ll see. We’ll all see. More from Quite Frankly with Jay Dyer.

This is a two-hour cruise, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a livelier and more informative broadcast touching upon many of the burning issues of our era: The rising Satanism, the cavalier destruction of our democracy by the CIA and FBI, the Nazi connections of the Democratic Party, the insanity of Keith Olbermann, and the endless scandals involving the Deep State and the murdering cultists that the Deep State protects.




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