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Watch That Cornhole

The FBI has arrested John Sullivan in connection with the occupation of the U.S. Capitol. It was Sullivan who busted out the window that Ashli Babbitt climbed through immediately before she was shot by a Capitol guard.

Was Sullivan a Trump supporter? Not at all. He’s a Utah “activist,” associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who already faces charging stemming from another violent confrontation last summer. In that confrontation, in Provo, Utah, a passing motorist was killed. Now we have another death with Sullivan on the scene, pretending to be a journalist recording events.

He was accompanied by Jade Sacker, a free-lance photographer for CNN, who has also done work for PBS, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and NBC. She is heard on video telling him, “We did it.” It’s becoming evident Sullivan was a provocateur. At various points, he was recorded shouting slogans like “fuck the system,” “fuck Trump” and “abolish the police.” Alternatively, he was trying to arouse Trump fans to commit violence after the shooting of Babbitt. Now, he’s facing at least three counts of criminal charges. More from The Salty Cracker.

Of note regarding John Sullivan: His full name is John Earle Sullivan. He’s the adopted son of Kevin Sullivan, a former lieutenant general in the U.S. Air Force who served at the Pentagon and also at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Kevin Sullivan was demoted and retired at the rank of major general in 2008. He was reprimanded and resigned after an incident involving nuclear warheads!

Also of note: Look at this dude’s crazed eyes! Why are agitators at false flag events always flashing those sanpaku eyes! Go back to Charles Manson or Sirhan Sirhan and check out their visages. Or, more recently, Chiara de Blasio, the daughter of the mayor of New York City, as she flashes her nude body while riding drugged and crazed on a subway train.

Is John Earle Sullivan an MKUltra victim? Is he under duress or the control of the FBI, CIA or some other spy agency? We don’t have any answers to provide you, only questions meriting future followup and review.


The Digerati

Jamie Dlux delves into the Digerati, the digital glitterati who assembled around the worlds of content marketing, social media and digital computers. Much of this episode focuses on John Brockman, who not only served as an agent for many of the digerati writers but also became a bigwig in the Edge Foundation dinners attended by the wicked pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and many leading industrialists, including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Here, we get a sense of how Brockman’s university contacts engaged in brazen psychological experiments. These experiments also involved participation by the CIA and led to the emergence of some truly lethal criminals, a few of whom became psychotic terrorists. For instance, consider Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomer who had been a former mathematics professor. How many other deranged killers came out of these studies? Charles Manson certainly comes to mind.

CIA’s Hippie Mind Control

The hippie movement of the 1960s, which began in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, and peculiar military and political ties to prominent figures in the scene like Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa are looked at with Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon author Dave McGowan. We also discuss movement pioneer Vito Paulekas, Charles Manson and the Manson Family murders, and the theory that the CIA manufactured the hippie counterculture to undermine the anti-war movement, in this uncensored Antidote interview, hosted by Michael Parker. This video is from February of 2015. McGowan died in November of 2015, diagnosed with an unusually aggressive form of lung cancer.

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Here is another excellent review and analysis of McGowan’s book from Jay Dyer. Dyer is the author of a comparable book — Esoteric Hollywood. He says, “This audio reviews Dave’s research, looks at his claims and adds my own information to some of his puzzle pieces.” We invite Stormy followers to not only check out McGowan and Dyer’s Hollywood books, but also McGowan’s seminal research on the Boston Marathon bombing, showing definitely how it was a hoax. Interesting how his cancer flared up so quickly after he made these observations.

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What Happened to Manson?

On November 19th, 2017, the infamous Manson family cult leader Charles Manson died at the age of 83. While discussing the Manson Family provokes flashbacks to the gruesome murders in August 1969 by Manson’s followers, very few people examine the backstory which leads to these types of tragedies. You cannot understand Charles Manson as an adult without understanding what happened to him in his childhood. What is the truth about Charles Manson? Stefan Molyneux reflects on the cult leader.


Mondo Hollywood

The first of the Italian-made Mondo Cane documentaries appeared in 1963. These weren’t documentaries so much as shockumentaries that journeyed to remote and usually primitive corners of the globe, capturing the bizarre and titillating habits of the natives. Today’s Trillion Dollar Movie, Mondo Hollywood, is an American-made riff on these lurid Italian travelogues, except it represents a departure of sorts from the Mondo formula by exposing what was primitive and bizarre among the supposed artistic and intellectual elite of Hollywood, then the undisputed movie-making capital of the world.

Writer-director-producer-editor Robert Carl Cohen began shooting his footage in 1965 and wrapped two years later in 1967. The film earned a release in the United States, albeit with a dreaded X rating, forbidding admission by anyone under the age of 16. However, the lucrative European markets proved off-limits when a scheduled 1968 premiere at the Avignon Film Festival was canceled after French censors banned the showing on the grounds that Mondo Hollywood “presents an apology for a certain number of perversities, including drugs and homosexuality, and constitutes a danger to the mental health of the public by its visual aggressivity and the psychology of its editing.”

Will you be tainted by watching it now? Let’s just say, if Mondo Hollywood came out today, it wouldn’t be slapped with an X rating or even an R, more likely a stiff PG-13. There are a few scenes of topless women, or as the poster boldly promises “Topless Girls! Trip Girls! Freak-Out Girls! Body Painted Girls! Mind Blowing Girls! Cycle Girls!”  But by and large, the visuals are tame by today’s standards.

Not so tame are the strange, freaky denizens from the underside of Hollywood who attracted much of Cohen’s attention. He introduces the first hippies, the first New Agers, the anti-war protesters, those practicing alternative sex and those experimenting with drugs inspired by LSD guru Richard Alpert, who later transformed himself into Baba Ram Dass. We meet celebrity hairdresser Jay Sebring, murdered along with Sharon Tate by the Charles Manson Family, and also catch a glimpse of a young member of The Family, Bobby Beausoleil, modeling as Cupid. The creepiest scene captures fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, creator of the topless swimsuit and a co-founder of the Mattachine Society, producing a children’s fashion show with a topless six-year-old swirling around to reveal her “sexy” body.

Besides these hedonists, Cohen documents the forces of conservatism gathering to preserve morality, including newly elected California Governor Ronald Reagan. But Cohen’s sentiments clearly align with the fringe dwellers, who are given the opportunity to narrate their own stories,  while the conservatives are portrayed as stiff caricatures and never allowed to explain themselves in their own words. In hindsight, that might be a blessing in disguise, as the thrill-seekers idolized by Cohen now come across as vain, vacuous, silly and, quite often, stupid. “Everything bores me to death,” says onetime B-movie actress-turned-sculptor Valerie Porter. “The only thing I find interesting is myself.”

Also of historical note: Mike Curb, the musical director, later composed campaign theme songs for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and Curb himself ran successfully, as a Republican, for lieutenant governor of California. His opponent, Mervyn M. Dymally, used Mondo Hollywood to bludgeon Curb, claiming the film was “pornographic” and that Curb “sang falsetto in a bathtub scene with two lesbians.” Curb first denied the charges, then admitted them, going on to win nevertheless.

Do see the accompanying Call Me Stormy post, “Before There Was PETA,” for more on Mondo Hollywood.  And join us next Friday for another Trillion ($) Movie.

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