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Glenn Beck Strikes Again

CRTV and The Blaze merged to form a new conservative TV but the results don’t look too impressive at the start. Already, two of the more interesting talents previously at CRTV — Gavin McInnes and Michelle Malkin — have been let go. Here, get a shocking report on what prompted this betrayal. Doesn’t surprise us. Much as we would like the channel to succeed, we have our doubts with Glenn Beck involved  and he’s certainly confirming our suspicions coming out of the gate.

McInnes faces a double strike. On Monday, YouTube banned him even though he had 220,000 subscribers. This follows similar bans from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, leaving Call Me Stormy as one of the few places you can watch Gavin McInnes videos, providing we can find and snag them! More from The TreeHouse News.

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Here Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in on the firings. He says Beck is no hero and no freedom lover, but rather a coward and a failure.

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