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A Clean House Is Important

The patriots are now building the case of election fraud. Each day the carpet bombs are being dropped and the irrefutable evidence is being made public. Trump is building the offensive and at the same time, he is allowing the [Deep State] players to destroy themselves. Trump is the bait and he is drawing them in and trapping them in their own agenda. Soon, the Mother Of All Bombs is going to drop and the [Deep State] will react to this. Trap set. Warmed and prepped. More from the X22 Report.

Is Stonehenge Just Another Lie?

Science has marveled at the composition of Stonehenge, an alleged prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England? But is the entire Stonehenge story just another lie?

Free Your Mind features a telling video, taken from Instagram, that will blow your mind, contending that Stonehenge is not thousands of years old, but was built in the 1950s. “Our history is a collaboration of lies,” the video submits. Here’s the clip and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

The Year Of The Boomerang

The patriots have all the leverage. The [Deep State] knew that this day was coming and they knew that they were going to have to deploy every asset possible. This is the year of the boomerang. This is not about a 4-year election. This is about throwing off a tyrannical government that is not working for the people. This is being done without bloodshed, without a civil war. Trump and the patriots are chipping away at their system and exposing it at the same time. More from the X22 Report.

Hunter Biden’s text message to his lover (and his brother’s widow) is finally starting to gain some traction & Big Charms gets exposed again…More from RedPill78, sharing his own personal story about getting off anti-depression drugs.


The Doomsday Device

When Juan O. Savin announced in recent videos that Sept. 3, 2022, was a crucial cutoff point regarding data from the 2020 Presidential election, was he really referring to the date of humanity’s escape from the enemy’s matrix, aka The Doomsday Device date and time?

While numerous pundits have pointed to October as the month of the rapture and our glorious ascension to otherworldly destinations, Qualified Observers reports it was able to decode a date of a future event, which is connected to the moon, in Q drop 2034, dated Sept. 3, 2018, and later confirmed by Savin. Later, an Ultra Q post on Instagram earlier this month says the Doomsday Device date and time was set long ago and cannot be changed, lending itself to a countermove by the White Hats.

In the following episode, Qualified Observers warns all to prepare for a series of massive events in the near future. He explains further.

The Tide Will Turn Fast

An epic 26-second Instagram clip from Gen. Michael Flynn, five-year deltas from the Q posts and more comms from Dan Scavino strongly suggest that a huge red wave orchestrated by the White Hats is imminent.

Flynn captioned his clip “The Lifeguard: Coming soon.” One of Q’s deltas, posted Nov. 1, 2017, reads: “The initial wave will be fast and meaningul. It will send a signal to others immediately and you’ll see the tide turn.” Christian Patriot News (CPN) submits the “red wave” is a cryptic referral to the military. Are the fireworks about to begin? Here’s CPN with more.


The Cyber War Begins

Major hacking groups are choosing sides and issuing warnings on behalf of Russia and the Ukraine. It remains to be seen how powerful these hacking groups have become and which might be able to disable or hack the computer systems of opponents.

Meanwhile, outfits like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are banning many news or government agencies affiliated with Russia. More from The Quartering.

Facebook, Instagram Down

Facebook and Instagram went down! Here’s what really happened including what THEY don’t want you to know. More from AwakenwithJP.

Global Communication Blackout

The [Deep State] is now pushing a communications blackout. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other providers are experiencing problems. Is this a test run or the real blackout? We will see. This wasn’t a DDOS attack. The DNS Record were deleted.

Was this an inside job? This happened right after the whistleblower appeared on 60 Minutes. Scavino sent another message: A video of Trump shooting a golf ball and getting a hole in one past another ball that was very close to the hole. The clock is ticking down for the [Deep State]. Pain and the truth are coming. More from the X22 Report.

Former CIA officer Michael Jaco and Florida pundit CirstenW discuss the Facebook blackout, which also took down many cell phone companies. CirstenW says the outage likely is tied to the Starlink satellite constellation. It is operated by SpaceX and provides Internet access for much of the Earth. More than 1,600 satellites are part of that network, many flying in low-Earth orbit.

On this episode, we discuss the high probability that Facebook’s latest “whistleblower” is just a piece of a well-orchestrated deep state PSYOP to impose further restraints on free speech broadly across the internet. We also cover the latest news. And I share more verses that will help you spread the Gospel of Christ! More from JustInformed Talk.,


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Mark Dice coves a few of the strange twists in recent news, from YouTube banning the dreaded Ginger — CopperCab — to Instagram doing the same to the mother of a slain Afghan soldier. If you thought social media platforms were for actual conversations., you obviously are living in a dream!

Times Cancels White Girl

The thuggish Leftists at the New York Times help a vindictive teen named Jimmy Galligan get a girl named Mimi Groves CANCELED and kicked out of college for an Instagram video she made when she was 15. Why Cancel Culture is TRASH. More from Mr. Obvious.


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