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FBI Harasses Whistleblower

What the heck is going on with the so-called FBI investigation of the Clintons and their foundation and their most notorious multi-million dollar deal they made with who? The Russians – selling them 20% of U.S. uranium mining. Talk about Russian collusion. It’s right there staring us in the face!

First we heard that the U.S. Attorney from Utah was looking into it. The latest is that the FBI, itself, has opened a case on it. Three whistleblowers testified before a Congressional committee last week on the bad deeds of the Clinton Foundation, yet there wasn’t more than a whisper in the news about it.

Now, one of the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers, who specialized in the Uranium One deal, and had supposedly gained the official protection of the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, had his house raided by 16 FBI agents who for 6 hours went through everything in his home, then left without arresting the whistleblower. More from Bill Still.

While we’re on the FBI, here is the Body Language Ghost analyzing a hallway press conference by James Comey, the former FBI director. Looks like Comey engages in lots of flagrant lying, which he tries to hide by conveniently looking down or away from the cameras. The FBI was already bad before he got there, but he ran it into the ground and made it one of the most despicable law enforcement agencies in the history of America. What a POS!


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