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Hochul Just Another Clinton Ally

Riss Flex dissects the circus that was the Andrew Cuomo resignation and she doesn’t expect matters to get any better in New York. Problem is, next in line for the governorship is Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a devoted Clinton ally.

Says Flex, “She’s besties with the Clintons. She supports the Clintons and they support her. This girlie is no good. You shouldn’t support her. They’re all caught up in the dirty.” Flex points directly to the chaos in the Clinton Administration and subsequent Clinton Foundation. She explains further and also reveals a couple more suspect Clinton allies.

Keep An Eye On Britney

The controversy surrounding Britney Spears will continue to grow, exposing Hollywood’s position as a major center for sex trafficking and the maltreatment of children. That’s the prediction of Mel K, who appears in the latest video of Nicholas Veniamin.

Mel K says to keep on an eye on the discussion involving the conservatorship over Britney by her father. What happened to her is a microcosm of what has happened to many young stars seen on Nickleodeon, Disney and other children’s channels. It ties directly into the stories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

How? Epstein worked on behalf of Mossad, the CIA and possibly other intelligence agencies to run a powerful blackmail operation. Trafficking of children, and even the murder and cannibalism of children, was a central aspect of Epstein’s Little St. James Island, as well as his mansions in New York, Florida and New Mexico.

Mel K gets into several other big topics here, including the election audits, the United Nations, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, and the origins of Covid.


Twitter In Huge Trouble

A British Columbia judge ruled that a defamation lawsuit filed against Twitter by Canadian businessman and founder of Lions Entertainment, Frank Giustra, can indeed proceed in the province.

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says the decision is purely procedural because it relates only to the jurisdiction. There is no determination on the merits or final judgment, but the implications for Twitter is huge, because it now allows for the social media giant to be sued for defamation outside the United States. Says Freiheit, “It’s not a lawsuit based on defamation, blaming the defendant of having uttered the defamatory words, it’s a lawsuit against Twitter for having hosted the defamatory words.”

Giustra, a Clinton family confidant and board member of the Clinton Foundation, claims he was defamed when 2016 tweets accused him of involvement in the Pizzagate sex-trafficking scandal. Twitter filed a motion in 2019, asking the B.C. court to dismiss the lawsuit or favor moving the jurisdiction to California, where Twitter is located. Here’s the rundown on Viva Frei.

Dominion Corruption Growing

There is more evidence that Dominion Software and its subsidiaries flipped hundreds of thousands of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden in the recent general election. Trump went a bit further in a recent tweet, claiming that Dominion deleted 2.7 million of his votes nationwide. He said 941,000 Trump votes were deleted in Pennsylvania alone and another 221,000 switched to Biden.

Beyond the Noise host David Zhang is also reporting that Dominion is heavily tied to the Democrat Party, including associations with Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Sen. Diane Feinstein and the Clinton Foundation. He adds that according to conservative media, 96 percent Dominion employees donated to the Democrat Party. Only $86 has been contributed to Republicans in the last six years. Here’s more on this development from Zhang.

Emails Reveal: Joe Lied!

Rudy Giuliani has come through For the Win! Revealing never-before-seen emails between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive, revealing a cozy (and improper) relationship between the Burisma Board and Joe Biden! Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter and Burisma and the use of his power to overtly affect events in Burisma’s favor. BIG DEAL! Also, Bruce Ohr out at Department of Justice and FBI threw some trash out in the form of a ridiculous story re: hackers and voting. BS! More from RedPill78.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Scores upon scores of accounts, including RedPill78, In Pursuit of Truth, X22 Report, Amazing Polly, And We Know, Edge of Wonder, JustInformed Talk, TRUReporting and SGTReport have all been booted off by the censors at YouTube. We are in the process of loading Bitchute versions of the deleted videos, but please bear with us. It will take weeks to restore all of the material being buried by the Leftist censors. Fortunately, we have the RedPill78 video, available from Bitchute, uploaded here now.)

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to censor information. The October surprises have just begun. More on the way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Why is the [DS] scrambling? Why don’t they have any more ammunition? Because they used it all. The patriots waited for the right moment to strike. They have tons of ammunition and they are using it. The hunted have now become the hunters. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

Former President Barack Obama committed treason when he shelled out $152 billion to the nation of Iran to ensure a coverup of intelligence secrets regarding Osama bin Laden. What secrets? That America not only was aware of his presence in Iran, but supported his remaining there as well as his subsequent transfer to Pakistan. Learn more as the falconer Alan Howell Parrot releases audio tapes and documents that underscore the double-dealing surrounding bin Laden, double-dealing orchestrated not only by Barack Obama but also his Vice President Joe Biden. More from And We Know.


Trump tweets about Seal Team 6. Amy Coney Barrett hearing in the Senate. Also, dark money and the Clinton Foundation loses another court battle. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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President Donald Trump has confirmed the details of Osamagate provided by Alan Howell Parrot. Also, the New York Post has released a series of scandalous photos of Hunter Biden indulging in drugs. In one image, he appears to have fallen asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth. More from Destroying the Illusion.

October Surprise Is Here!

The October surprise is here! The treasonous traitorous actors can’t escape this. Learn about Seal Team Six and the truth about Osama bin Ladin. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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The [Deep State] was caught red-handed and how there is more information coming out of why pallets of cash were given to Iran. Kayleigh McEnany has signaled Chuck Grassley. Everything is a go. The October surprise is being prepped and warmed. The [DS]/MSM narrative is collapsing on them and nothing can stop this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

It’s an unlucky day for the cabal and their dark secrets, as a CIA whistleblower Alan Howell Parrot exposes Hillary, Joe Biden and Leon! We’re talking exposure on Benghazi, Seal Team 6 and $152 buillion paid to Iran to keep quiet. More from Lori Colley.

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Some new evidence has been released in the Biden/Osama bin Ladin/Iran saga. Phones calls and documents presented here. Also some tweets and confirmation from the President. Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation is about to have its day in court! More from RedPill78.

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Threat’s incoming to cover up corruption by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Will the truth become known? How long can the dirty deeds be hidden? More from And We Know.

The Clintons And Haiti

Here’s a documentary that examines the Clintons and the evil role they have played in Haiti, focusing on the corruption exemplified by the Red Cross. Are there any large charities that actually do what they proclaim to do, or all just as malleable and as sinister as the Red Cross? More from Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.

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Pain For The Deep State

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now exposed. Everything they tried to do is being pushed into the light and the people can see clearly for the first time. General Flynn is about to go free, but we know that Sullivan has other instructions. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified information that the [DS]/Corrupt politicians created the Russian story to go after Trump. It is now falling apart and the walls are closing in on them. Pain. More from the X22 Report.

More Incoming! From the Intel Community and DNI Ratcliffe: Hillary approved a plan to stir up a scandal to hurt candidate Trump through the hacking of the DN –and thus gave birth to Russia-gate! More from Lori Colley.

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Are we about to see the whole corrupt system fail? Here’s a look into the corruption, focusing on the Clinton cartel. More from JustInformed Talk.

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Instilling [Deep State] Fear

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas uncover voter fraud in Minnesota and, of course, who should be behind it but US Rep. Ilhan Omar. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is under attack. It didn’t take the Satanist Democrats long to lose their cool over a nominee from a religious background. President Donald Trump is making the perfect moves to instill fear among the minions of the Deep State. More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are preparing to throw everything they have at Trump and the people before the election and after the election, but the playbook is known. Flynn ready to go free in 30. Boom! Justice prevails. It’s time for the truth. The events are now quickly falling apart, Trump is producing an enormous amount of tests. He is doing exactly what he did with ventilators. This is part of the trap. The [Clinton Foundation] is now on deck. Everything is coming into focus. More from the X22 Report.

Don’t look for any action on John Durham’s investigation until after the election. A senator on television shows documentary proof of an FBI coverup. If so, why does FBI Director Christoper Wray still have a job? Joe Biden isn’t appearing on Sunday shows but is sending his wife out to campaign for him — on friendly Leftist networks. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Vote by mail trashed? General Mike Flynn exonerated? When will he finally go free? Hunter and Joe Biden tied to corruption in the Ukraine, China and elsewhere. More from the Edge of Wonder.

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Media Ignoring Sex Crimes

While the obsessed media continues to stuff its airwaves with the faux Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, there’s a very real¬† danger rearing its ugly head in the world. The promulgation of child sex trafficking has gripped the planet like never before and you hear nothing from our mainstream media.

So why are human trafficking stories being ignored? Could it be the networks, newsrooms and social media sites have been infiltrated by the very same people perpetuating these crimes?¬† We’ll soon find out.

In the last few weeks the sex-trafficking narrative has exploded onto the national scene in a big way. A recently-released Senate probe links Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, to an Eastern European prostitution or sex-trafficking ring. The report alleges that non-resident alien women in the U.S., who are citizens of Russia and the Ukraine, have wired funds received from Hunter Biden back to their home countries.

Then there’s the story in alternative media site, Gateway Pundit, of a child-trafficking camp discovered in Arizona and located on property owned by CEMEX, a huge donor to the Clinton Foundation. The story says a team of veterans found trees with restraints on them at the site, in addition to children’s clothing, a baby crib, toys and pornographic material. Utterly disgusting.

Meanwhile, the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking saga continues with bombshell revelations, Hollywood pedophilia stories are erupting and a massive list of Democrats involved in sex crimes against children just went viral. The names on the list will absolutely shock you. Yet, very little, if any, coverage from the lamestream media.

The following video collage, produced by Riss Flex, gives you a strong overview of what the mainstream media has been hiding, including names and photographs of those Democrats involved in sex crimes.

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