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Obamagate Docs Vindicate Prez

The Obamagate documents, more than a foot-high stack of classified documents, will be released to the public later today or Monday, vindicating President Donald Trump in his assertions that the Democrats illegally spied on him and subjected him to a barrage of false and phony charges. Reporter John Solomon, who has seen some of the documents, says they fully support President Trump’s assertions, while showing the Democrats to have been flagrant liars.

Many of the charges were based on British MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele’s dossier, a dossier he now confirms was designed to put pressure on Trump and remove attention on damaging campaign issues surrounding Hillary Clinton. Sullivan tells Fox Business News anchor Lou Dobbs this was essentially a case of dirty politics.

Steele told the FBI, “The reason I leaked is because I needed to help Hillary Clinton cover up her email problem.” The Russian collusion narrative was invented to protect Clinton from ongoing revelations. We’ll have more once the full report is made public.




Ben Shapiro Savages Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg’s post-election diatribe was nothing more than the same old divisive rhetoric that Democrats have been spewing since Donald J. Trump assumed the presidency in 2017. Nothing but blatant lies.

Her most egregious proclamation was that since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election, Republicans had to “suck it up” just like Democrats did after Trump won. Excuse me? Guess Whoopi forgot about the numerous anti-Trump protests, the Democrat Party’s obsession with Russia, Russia, Russia, the impeachment trial, the Mueller probe and on and on.

“In what way did Democrats suck it up when Trump won,” says political commentator Ben Shapiro. “We have four long years of you whining that Trump wasn’t the actual President of the United States–not hashtag not my President, the women’s march and, in the aftermath Trump winning, we got huge Black Lives Matter protests throughout the summer and the idea that President Trump was the fountainhead of systemic racism. At what point did Democrats come to terms that President Trump had won? They never came to terms.”

Watch Shapiro continue his dump on Goldberg in this episode of The Tatum Report.

What AG Barr Needs To Do

As we all know, there’s a massive investigation into the corruption that attempted to derail the Trump Campaign in 2016 and his subsequent presidency. Leading the probe since May 2019 is John Durham, the  highly touted U.S. Attorney from the District of Connecticut, which has only produced one indictment to date.

So why the silence from the Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr? Says a baffled Bill O’Reilly, “We’re two and one-half weeks before the vote, shouldn’t the American voters know where the Justice Department is? You don’t have to indict anybody, you don’t have to accuse anybody, Mr. Barr. All you have to do is say here’s where we are, what is likely to happen, when it’s likely to happen.”

As O’Reilly opined, President Trump is watching closely and is not happy with the direction of the probe. Could Barr be looking for a job next January. Here’s O’Reilly with more analysis on The First.

The Insanity Of The Left

Mr. Reagan presents The Weekly Meltdown. Will lunatic Leftists ever be able to cope with reality? Are they forever lost in their delusions? How can they live in a world where so many of their fellow creatures don’t toe the straight and narrow party line?

Speaking of Leftist lunacy, will these Liberal idiots ever stop blaming everything on Russia? Is there no scandal where they will ever own up to their own sordid roles? Apparently not, judging from the latest performance by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. More from Mark Dice.

Clinton Manufactured Frame-up

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani sits down with the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, to discuss the CIA memo. It proves Hillary Rodham Clinton manufactured the frame-up of the Russian Collusion.


It’s D-Day For Corrupt Dems

Despite the Durham Probe now extending into years, not months, California U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes says he’s confident that the Department of Justice will put the phony Russia collusion charges against President Trump to rest sooner than most pundits expect.

Appearing on Fox Business News with host Lou Dobbs, Nunes admitted the probe has gone on for far too long, but says the public doesn’t realize that this is a sprawling conspiracy reaching many departments, including the DNC and the Clinton campaign. “It’s actually a good thing that we’re not seeing leaks like in the Mueller witch hunt,” he says. Nunes added that he hopes to see at least an interim report from U.S. Attorney John Durham before the election that would debunk the Democrats’ Russia collusion nonsense and reveal how corrupt the process really was. Here’s more with Dobbs and Nunes.

More Russia Probe Corruption

The latest batch of FBI emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal the Trump-Russia collusion probe is worse than we thought. Remember when House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff saturated the mainstream media airwaves, claiming Trump was a Russian asset? And he did so even though the FBI had not closed the case and had no clear evidence of the charge.

In a stunning revelation, emails released by Judicial Watch show that the FBI and NSA provided Schiff with secret documents in the case before the probe was concluded. Not exactly on the up-and-up. Says Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, “All this shows you is two things. One, how committed The Swamp was to try to take out President Trump. The other thing it shows, the only thing we got wrong is it was much worse than we thought.”  Jordan elaborates further with Fox Business News’ Elizabeth Macdonald.

Prepare For Zero Day

He’s back! Cue the music! No more standing in the queue! Our friend is back with a zero day for which to prepare and the definitive proof that the Russia collusion narrative is a pack of bologna. More from Lori Colley.

People are going to be going to jail. That’s the prediction of Black Conservative Patriot after the latest two declassed documents released Friday by Attorney General William Barr. BCP says if you only have time to read one document, the 2nd one is the key. It demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that traitors have been operating within the FBI and CIA. These two agencies need to be fumigated, and broken down if they cannot perform legally and honestly.

Are we exposing the Puppets and Their Masters? JustInformed Talk delves into the latest Q posts plus asks viewers to explore the connections between Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons — Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. More breaking news that the lying mainstream media won’t touch.

The Obama administration nearly sold out the USA to the communist Chinese. A Hillary Clinton Presidency would have sealed the deal. It was a Marxist, Chinese GLOBAL agenda to enslave humanity, as Cyrus A. Parsa explains. More from the SGTReport.

Where’s The Durham Report?

The timeline of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe is close to completion, according to U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Problem is, how many times have we heard this?

First, Durham was supposed to wrap up the probe in spring of 2019, then the following summer and fall, and into spring of this year. Now, Barr says we should have some results this summer. Well, says Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan,

“Summer is here.” The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan tells Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the No. 1 question he gets when traveling the country is: “When is somebody going to jail?” Says Jordan, “And the reason they say that is because they’re sick of the double standard. This idea that there is one set of rules for the politically connected in Washington, D.C., and a different set for our regular folks.”

Jordan elaborates further and gives his take on fired New York U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, censorship and the upcoming presidential election.

Proof: No Russian Collusion

Finally, the transcripts of Gen. Michael Flynn’s calls with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the last week of Dec, 2016 have finally been released. The desperadoes in the bureaucracy and Congress hid these documents for over three years from public view. In fact it took the efforts of the last two Directors of National Intelligence to pry them from the dirty hands of the current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

And here is why? Because the entire Russia Witch hunt was based on disinformation about what was in these transcripts, which was illegally leaked by as many as nine folks somewhere in the Deep State to the Washington Post and the New York Times.  As it turns out, none of those leaks were true. Had Gen. Flynn not reached out to Ambassador Kislyak, he would have been guilty of gross negligence. Why? Because, as find out with the release of the real documents, the Obama administration had set a trap for incoming President Donald Trump. More from Bill Still.


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