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Kamala: Straight-Up Stupid

CaliToilet Congressthing Kamala Harris joined Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon (Worst Journalist of the Year) for a CNN Town Hall – where, to even the WJOTY’s shock and surprise, supposed Democrat Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris dropped the “…What?”-bomb that she (in agreement with Bernie Sanders) would let convicted terrorists like the Boston Bomber vote. More from John Ward.

So, are progressives just plain nuts? They are so desperate to open the floodgates to any voters who might support them that now, Democrats like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders are advocating giving the ballot to folks like the Boston Marathon bomber. Yes, believe it or not, Democrats now stand for voting from Death Row. They have gone stark, raving mad! More from Bill Whittle.

Steven Crowder thoroughly explains how Bernie Sanders’ “voting is a human right,” even for FELONS, is completely wrong.

The latest polls show Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg as the Democratic frontrunners. The Sanders voters are problematic for the Democrats. Not only are they more Socialistic, but also less dependable. Some 20 percent of them vow to vote for Donald Trump if Bernie Sanders isn’t the Democratic nominee. Tim Pool discusses the “Bernie or Bust” angle.

We close with our friend, Styxhexenhammer666, talking about Bernie Sanders’ drive to give the vote to felons. Sanders pretends there’s a slippery slope on felon voting. Says Styx, “Sanders is disingenuous, there’s an established norm already that has stood since the 1700s”

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