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The Stairway To Absolution

Joe Biden (Resident, United States) takes on the Air Force One staircase. More from John Ward.

The Greenscreen Ex Machina

Step aside, Mr. Diego Maradona – there’s a new hand in town, and that’s not God helping…Watch as John Ward weighs in on Joe Biden and The Greenscreen Ex Machina.

People are awakening to the fact that Joe Biden is not Real and that the Washington White House has been closed and dark for months. Where Biden is making his news conferences and briefings is at the Duplicate White Houses in Atlanta Georgia and Los Angeles, California. More from Wil Paranormal.

I Mildly Dislike Eric Swalwell

You’ve heard of Fartgate” and The Spy Who Loved Me And Then Sent All My Secret Data To China …

… but there are even more reasons why I mildly dislike ERIC SWALWALL. More from John Ward.

Democrats Caught Pushing Lies

The Democrats’ second impeachment drive is falling apart. They only had six Republicans join them in the early Senate wrangling, not enough to carry out a successful impeachment. And by all reports, even a few of those six Republicans are starting to see it will be the kiss of death if they actually do end up voting to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Evidence suggests the Democrats have been pushing fake evidence. So look for the impeachment movement to implode, same as the first time around! More from Steve Turley.

Day 2 of Trump Impeachment Attempt 2 (2021) features tiggity tapes and figgety footage of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 – meaning the Democrats have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that there were indeed human beings in the Capitol Building illegally. What this has to do with Trump remains to be seen… More from John Ward.

Old Noah

The long sobs of violins of autumn. More from John Ward.

The Dead Return To Vote

As has been made abundantly clear by the Mainstream Media and Social Media giants, there was NO VOTER FRAUD, YOU BIGOTS. In this video we examine the claims of Faux News anchor Tucker Carlson – that there have been dead voters in multiple states – which, having proven to be true, can only mean one thing. More from John Ward.

Revelations To John

Just four days remain until the 2020 US Presidential Election. In Part 1, Genesis — The Start: Revelations to John, we go back to where it all started. More from John Ward.

Here is Part 2 called What a Beautiful Black Sky: Revelations To John.


Scully Hacked By Scully

Was the second 2020 presidential debate cancelled to protect moderator Steve Scully?

A week before the debate was scheduled to take place, former Joe Biden intern Steve Scully (CSPAN) accidentally tweeted what was supposed to be a Twitter DM to swamp rat/roller coaster black-balled Anthony Scaramucci, asking if he should reply to President Donald Trump’s allegations that the debate was rigged… thus confirming the fix was indeed in. Scully, as with 2012 and 2013 tweets, claimed he was “hacked” – which was backed up by numerous journalists, CSPAN, first debate moderator Chris Wallace, and even Debate Commission chairman Frank Fahrenkopf – until investigators got involved, forcing Scully to admit he just went ahead and made the whole thing up, and was actually just kind of an idiot.

Scully has been “indefinitely suspended” by CSPAN, who figured it could wait until the short memory span of Sheeple expired so it could reinstate him as a some sort of Nobel Prize winner. More from John Ward.

Chris Cuomo Tongue-Tied!

Blinded by TDS, possibly the side effects of alcoholism, and definitely the crushing weight of inadequacy, CNN’s Chris Cuomo went after US President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask and not continuing to quarantine despite the latter’s doctor-certified immunity – and despite Chris Cuomo being the single most hilarious example of breaking quarantine and not wearing a mask. …CNN! More from John Ward.

Cuomo Ends Paul Rudd’s Career

Desperate to deflect from the evolving disaster of New York nursing home deaths, Governor Andrew Cuomo cashed in the favor owed to the elite by every Hollywood actor and utterly humiliated the once-beloved Paul Rudd. More from John Ward.

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