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Yenta Variant

Two fully vaxxed co-hosts of The View “tested positive” for the coof and got booted off the show moments before Vice President Kamala Harris appeared for an interview. Made-up TV drama doesn’t get any better, folks! More from The Salty Cracker.

Kamala 47

She could be dumb. Or maybe just happy. With a shout out to Nirvana from Lars von Retriever.

Deep State Desperation

We are in a generational fight for freedom, one that will change the world one way or the other. Dan Radiostyle says our world leaders are getting desperate, showing what they are really up to. They’re running out of time, pushing harder on these forceful lockdown-type Draconian measures and people are taking note.

Radiostyle says there are two sides to how people generally react: One side says I’ll do what they say and eventually we’ll get our freedoms back. The other side realizes that never happen, so they’re adamant on holding the line. “As I will state countless times, peaceful is the proper way forward, but when push comes to shove, you gotta understand we do have options,” Radiostyle says. “This our land, consent of those governed.” Radiostyle brings us more on the Deep State panic, the election recall in California and the chaos in Afghanistan.

Enough For Impeachment?

Glenn Beck says the Democrats massively lowered the impeachment bar for President Trump, so should Biden’s incompetence–especially in light of the Afghanistan disaster–constitute grounds for impeachment, too? Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert says yes, but argues impeachments shouldn’t stop with the man at the top. She says Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are equally complicit. “The continued leadership of all three is a national security threat,” she says.

Beck says consider the damage alone in Afghanistan, which led to the Taliban controlling billions of dollars of the highest U.S. technology, the harm to our relationship and trust with our allies, the fleecing of taxpayers, not to mention the loss of American lives. Here’s the interview with Boebert.

I Would Lie 500 Times

Prayers to our fallen soldiers. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Instead, we will do our best to blot out of our minds the scourgeful liar known as Joe Biden. More from The United Spot.

Everything Woke Turns To…

Have a nice day! More from The United Spot.

Pfizer FDA Approval Is Here

The Food and Drug Administration has finally done both the unthinkable, and the inevitable. Get ready to resist America. More from RedPill78.

While the world watches in horror as catastrophe unfolds in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris laugh. And when laughing doesn’t work, Jen Psaki gets touchy and calls a Fox reporter irresponsible to say that Americans are stranded. “We are committed to bringing the ones who want to come home, home.”More from Lori Colley.


Where’s Kamala?

Early on, it was apparent that the Biden Administration wanted to give the impression that Vice-President Kamala Harris was deeply involved with the executive branch. Fast forward to today and the administration is in the midst of its most disastrous blunder, yet Harris is nowhere to be found.

Harris bragged in April that she was the last person in the room when Biden set the Sept. 11 deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Though in the last week, with the Taliban in firm control of Kabul and the U.S. scrambling to evacuate American citizens, Harris has disappeared. When Biden first addressed the nation on the crises, Harris watched the speech from the Green Room, according to the Daily Mail. And she hasn’t held a public event since Aug. 12. So the logical question is: Where’s Kamala? Here’s more from Restored Republic.

The Swampsons

The Simpsons have remained on TV for more than 30 years. It’s doubtful that The Swampsons will survive so long. Here, they are coached by Nancy Pelosi, with Joe Biden cheering on the Taliban and Anthony Fauci dodging the face mask debate. More from The United Spot.



Corrupt System Is Coming Down

September is National Preparedness month. why was this specifically told to us?

The [Deep State] is now backed into a corner. They are pushing everything they have and now people have reached the precipice and people around the world have started to protest. Europe was the test bed and now it’s coming to the US. People are organizing and preparing to protest.

The founding fathers have warned about this. The patriots are prepared and ready to push the plan. The clock is ticking down for the [Deep State]. The unsealing of indictments and arrests are going to come fast and they will be meaningful. People will see the truth, the fact and the entire corrupt system is going to be brought down. More from the X22 Report.

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