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How Did This Happen?

Nancy Pelosi shows up at her dentist’s office to get some work done on her dentures. It’s an office run by Democrats, so, of course, there’s not much legitimate work to be done. Featuring guest appearances by Joe Biden and a raft of nincompoops. More from The United Spot.

All Of The Latest BS To Digest!

A new press secretary, baby formula shortage,  Kamala Harris’s epic speech, and more from AwakenwithJP, presenting We Lie To You News!

Follow The Yellow Brick Lies

The Cowardly Lion (Barack Obama) craps his pants when he bumps up against the all-mighty Wizard. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch (Nancy Pelosi) is egging on the Oz crew. Dig those chops on Maxine Waters as one of the Flying Monkeys! More from The United Spot.

Smart Liberals Dump The Left

In the following video, the Sandman discusses his own experience of growing up liberal and voting for progressives. But he admittedly came to the realization of the left’s insanity. His conclusion: Smart liberals have stopped voting for the left. Here’s his analysis.

Name Something Kamala’s Done

Scratch your head and see if you can name anything concrete that Kamala Harris has done for America. Time’s up! More from The united Spot.


They’ve Been Lying For Years

It’s been many years, maybe decades, since the Democrats told the truth about anything. Here, we visit them in their lair, to see the Munster family in action. Featuring Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama with guest appearance by Hunter Biden and Kamala Harris. More from The United Spot.

Patience: Its Fruit Is Sweet

The mystical art of confusion called Fau Chi! CBS, NBC and ABC, enemies of the people! Sor@s in trouble! Huge court victories are pending! The Democrats are exposing their own evil plans! Pray! More from And We Know.

Don’t Look Up!

There’s an airplane in trouble. Kamala Harris is the pilot. And Joe Biden is one of the passengers, about to go down! More from The United Spot.

Saudi Arabia Lampoons Biden

Watch as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get skewered on Saudi TV. More from Dan Bongino.

He Is 100 % In Charge

Joe Biden wrestles to be seen, or heard, as the great Barack Obama enters the center stage. Yes, the circus is in town! More from The United Spot.

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