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Ever Played Nuclear Football?

Disclaimer – (There’s always a risk of investment and there’s no guarantee of any kind).

The [World Economic Forum]/[Central Bank] Green New Deal is falling apart. California can not hit their goals and if they did, it will crash the entire state.

The people around the world are rising up. Nationalism is on the rise. The economy is imploding on itself and the Biden admin is right on track, letting everyone know that they are liars. The people’s economy is warmed and prepped. Here’s more from X22 Report.

Joe Biden Will Resign

Veteran journalist Bill Still says Joe Biden will soon resign and “Flamboy” Gavin Newsom will replace him as the Democrats’ 2024 Presidential candidate.

This is one of the reasons the Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping is coming to San Francisco. He’ll not only be meeting with Biden, but also with Newsom.

Kamala Harris is aware of the subterfuge and trying to exert her rights to replace Biden should he leave office. Harris has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson trying to keep her in the loop. Here’s more from Still.

Biden’s Response Pathetic!

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, of the Coalition for Jewish Values, joins Sara to break down the Biden Administration’s dreadful response to the wave of antisemitism crashing on American Jews.

Menken said that instead of condemning the hate coming from American campuses and newsrooms, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris issued a blanket, tone-deaf statement condemning hate and announcing a national strategy to counter Islamophobia. More with Carter and Menken

Deep State On A Losing Streak

The [Deep State] played their Card and it failed before it began. They decided to have a mass shooting to push gun control.

[Kamala Harris] said the quiet part out loud: Let’s take the weapons.

The Speaker was the target. The House controls the purse and can be used to investigate and block what the [Deep State] wants to do going into 2024. The final battle is coming and the patriots are prepared to win. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

At Dawn, We Will Win

It has begun. The [Deep State] is now bringing us to war. They are headed right down the path that Trump has predicted.

People are going to be brought to the precipice. War will wake the mass population up.

It had to be this way so the people had the will to make a change. Non nuke, Trump has the [Deep State] exactly where he wants them. In the end when the people vote for peace and vote for Trump, we the people win at dawn. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Joe Saves The Day…Again

Joe Biden from The Swampsons celebrates his enormous popularity as President. From Afghanistan to Gaza, his ardent followers sing his praise.

Loving members of The Swampsons family surround Old Joe, including Anthony Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris. Here’s more from The United Spot.

The Fuhrer Confronts Kamala!

The Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler, gets a heavy dose of cackling Kamala Harris in this detour into the lighter side of life.

In the following political parody, courtesy of Hitler Rants Parodies, Hitler phones Harris and confronts her about her poor approval ratings. Here’s Kamala’s response.

How Do You Sneak One In?

The patriots are bringing the [Deep State] to exactly where they want them to be for the 2024 election. Biden is finished. It’s only a matter of time.

There is now an opening in California for a temporary Senator. Who are they going to choose to fill the slot? Is this how they are going to try to sneak one in, because Biden will be removed in the end?

Dan Scavino sends a message. The first marker verifies the direction. The military is the only way forward.  More from the X22 Report.

Trumps Says He’s In 2nd Term

The patriots are in control and they are bringing the people down a path they need to see in order to make the final battle decision.

Donald J. Trump says he’s been preparing for this battle his entire life. He says the military approached him to run for the presidency and they have protected him all along. In his most recent rally, in Michigan, Trump might have admitted that he still is the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States in his second term.

The plan was not traditional and this is not just another four-year election. More from X22 Report.

Stepford Biden’s Final Days

After his many gaffes and his rapidly declining popularity with voters, it’s becoming apparent to one and all that Stepford Biden will not be running again for President in 2024 but instead running back to the safety and cover of his basement.

How will the Democrats scramble to replace him? How do the UFO Files and the U.S. Space Force factor into this entanglement? How about the balance of the Deep State and Continuity of Government factions?

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt addresses these issues in a video ominously called Final Election 2024. Will it be the last election? Will it even be a genuine election, or just another rig job orchestrated by the hacks at the CIA?

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