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Grand Jury for Zorro Ranch?

Today on TRUNEWS we exclusively report that a man named David Starofsky had an RV and Jeep Liberty parked at the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico Zorro Ranch the day that he died. We also speak with Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace about the potential of a local posse of law enforcement officers raiding the property. Mace discusses how residents can convene a citizen’s grand jury to hand down indictments against other high-profile players in what appears to be the largest state-backed blackmail spy operation in modern history, spanning the better part of three decades, and entrapping the who’s who of international politics. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart.

Here is a bit of gematria — a longstanding Hebrew system linking together numbers and words. The intent? To tie together CERN with Jeffrey Epstein, and project future discord and nuclear mayhem. The channel is from Childrenofitsrealouthere.

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The DanJaZone takes a look at Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book. Let’s get an idea of the pedophiles who hung around with him — the big-time politicians, jurists, performers and industrialists — who used their power to prey upon children. You might look up to these rich and famous individuals but we sure don’t. Just scum bags, every last one of them. It’s not at all clear why the media isn’t raking them over the coals, other than what you call the free press hasn’t been free for quite some time.

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