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FBI Set To Make Epstein Arrests

Breaking news. Reports are circulating that the FBI now intends to arrest four of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. These will all be players involved in recruiting minors — usually underage girls — to serve as prostitutes and procurers for Epstein and his rich and famous pedophile friends. Here, Jason Bermas takes questions about the latest drops in the Epstein case and speculates and where the probe is headed.

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What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet the Lolita Express? In an outtake of her 60 Minutes Australia appearance, Virginia Roberts Giuffre discusses. She is determined that Epstein’s dirty secrets not be buried with him.

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Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson on Fox News finally took ABC to task for its “butt-covering” in trying to find out who had released the Amy Robach tapes. Seems ABC is one of those networks more worried about covering its own ass than actually telling the truth or doing honest journalism. Tucker appears with Katie Pavlich in a segment reported by the Next News Network.

Jesse Watters on Fox News also said over the weekend that the media is protecting pedophiles for political reasons. He vowed to pursue the Jeffrey Epstein case and expose the wrongdoing that has occurred.

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The Simpsons now asking questions?

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