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The View Gets Rear-Ended

What does the women’s talk show The View have in common with Cambodian midgets trying to wrestle a champion lion? Maybe not a lot ordinarily, but for the 5,000th edition of the show — the one in which Donald Trump Jr. appeared as a guest — the flailing Cambodian midgets readily come to mind. More from John Ward.

The View isn’t the only one to get upended. Republicans finally struck back at Democrats in the Impeachment Inquiry, demanding Hunter Biden testify. In a letter sent by Republicans to Democrat Adam Schiff, they outline their anger over the impeachment inquiry and list several people they want to testify.

Notably, Republicans want Devon Archer and Hunter Biden to testify as to their knowledge of Burisma and the core of the Ukraine scandal. They also want the whistleblower and anyone the whistleblower talked to regarding the phone call Trump made.

Democrats have the advantage though. Schiff can veto any one of these ‘suggestions.’ Republicans do not have the right to call witnesses, only suggest them. This seems completely absurd but in the end Trump will be impeached and we all know it.

Whether Senate GOP members move to convict Trump is another story. It’s possible in the Senate trial the Republicans call these witnesses forward anyway. More from Tim Pool.

Of course,  the impeachment inquiry wouldn’t be going off the rails if the Democrats actually had any evidence. Or if they could concentrate instead of dawdling on Porn Hub. More from The United Spot.

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