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The WeatherMen II

Sir Patrick Mack continues on his quest to expose the fraudulent WeatherMen underground, their stranglehold over Democrats, and how they are manipulating the media, Hollywood, academia and their varied political allies and cronies in an effort to sabotage American democracy, to steal our freedoms, to sandbag and rob our prosperity. None of these liars and douchebag Leftists should go Scot-Free. It’s high time they are identified, neutralized and, where criminal graft is involved, jailed.

The [Deep State] is now struggling. The fake impeachment is about to fall apart. The report is coming out and there will be criminal referrals. This will hit the fake impeachment hard, but the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media will try to spin it. 8kun is online. Q started to post again. America will be unified again. The hammer is the key to the coup. More from the X22 Report.

James Le Mesurier, the onetime leader of the White Helmets in Syria, has been found dead in Istanbul, Turkey. Le Mesurier, 48, the founder and director of the Mayday Rescue group, died early Monday. It appeared he either jumped, or was thrown, off a roof. RedPill78 covers the death, as well as getting into Hillary Clinton’s bizarre answer over whether she will run for President in 2020. Also in this report, is the FBI ready to arrest Jeffrey Epstein conspirators? RedPill78 says to expect arrests soon. He looks for those apprehended to begin ratting out those above them.

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We join McAllister TV in sending a hearty shoutout to all American veterans. We salute you and greatly appreciate your service to our country! Here, McAllister TV focuses on why the [Deep State] is drowning in lies. Also, why Smelly Pants Clinton shouldn’t get anywhere near the White House. Why does she smell so bad? We’ll give you a clue. 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday interviewed Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who discussed Prince Andrew smelling so vile. Notice how these associates of Jeffrey Epstein all stink. If you think for awhile, you’ll understand why?


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