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Sex, Satan & Babylon’s Boule: 2

Sir Patrick Mack, the pundit behind In Pursuit of Truth, returns with his long-awaited second installment of Pop: Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. He’s subtitled this episode Exodus, Entertainment and Erav Rev.

What’s it all about?

Mack opens with The Biblical book of Exodus, as God admonishes Moses to lead his people from Egypt because they have fallen victim to sin and iniquity. We see how the Israelites have forgotten their Lord and instead bow down before idols such as the Golden Calf.

Mack gets philosophical as he strolls through history, introducing the kabbalistic teachings of Shabetai Tzevi, Isaac Luria and Jacob Frank.

But this is not a dry Sunday school lesson. Much of the focus is on the brazan Satanic content found not only in pop music, but most forms of popular entertainment — movies, television, books, even plays and comedy skits. Also introduced: How the Oscars are an outgrowth of pagan culture, modified by the Free Masons, to reflect their peculiar traditions.



Jan 6th Was OK

Sir Patrick Mack returns with a quick burn, exploring the corrupt U.S. House and its January 6th Commission. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The January 6 commission is hardly the bipartisan organization it claims to be. There are only two Republicans on the commission and both of those — Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois — are phony Pelosi RINOs who ought to be blackballed by any and all genuine Republicans. So this is hardly a true or bipartisan commission. More like an assembly of corrupt clowns. More from Mark Dice.

What if everything we’ve been told about this select commission is a lie? Why are leftists so obsessed with January 6? More from Steve Turley.

Sir Patrick Mack Finds God

Sir Patrick Mack of In Pursuit of Truth fame has found God. He makes the revelation in a video explaining the absence of any IPOT videos in recent weeks.

No, it’s not his conversion that’s behind the absence, but the fact he’s working on another long-range project, like his Weatherman series.

The bad news: He says he will not be doing any shorter videos until that longer documentary is done. The good news: He will probably tip us off in advance when it’s coming, so keep your eyes peeled.


1900 Or The Last President

Sir Patrick Mack of In Pursuit of Truth fame offers a dramatic reading of the Ingersoll Lockwood novel 1900 Or The Last President. This dystopian novel is undoubtedly Lockwood’s bets known work although he also wrote a series of Baron Trump children’s stories!

Keeping It Gangster

Sir Patrick Mack is keeping it gangster. He’s a natural-born homeboy, who can bust more moves than Eminem. He demonstrates a lot of them here as he wraps together several short takes.

In Italy, has the CEO of Leonardo DRS, William J. Lynn III, been arrested? Lynn is a former deputy secretary of defense for the United States, who served in that role under Leon Panetta, from 2009 through 2011, during the Obama administration. Before that he worked as a legislative counsel for U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, handling defense and arms control matters.

With about $2 billion in revenues, Leonardo DRS is the largest US subsidiary of Leonardo, the Italian-based defense and aerospace conglomerate that operates the Finmeccanica satellite system. Multiple charges have arisen in Italy alleging that this system had been used to steal and flip votes in the 2020 American presidential election from Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden.

Sir Patrick Mack, rapping for In Pursuit of Truth, shows us a photo of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seemingly in Italy alongside a man who looks like Lynn. The man appears to have his hands tied together and held behind his back. It’s not clear it is Lynn, so it could be a distraction.

Also in this episode of In Pursuit of Truth, we learn of Big Tech’s moves to squash its competitor Parler that has appealed to Christians and conservatives. Also, learn some steps so you can protect the Emergency Alert System on your cell phones and prevent Big Tech from shutting off the EAS, or curtailing your access to messages from President Donald Trump.

The patriots have coordinated the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. The District of Columbia Mayor is doing exactly what the patriots want her to do. They are barricading DC and bringing in the National Guard. Who controls the National Guard? When can Trump take control. The clock is ticking down. Nancy Pelosi pushes for impeachment. GOP shoots down 25th amendment. Hold the line patriots. False flag coming. No revolution. No armed battle, clean and swift. More from the X22 Report.

After a week in Washington DC, RedPill78 is back on the air for Red Pill News. Today we cover the coup, the censorship, the winning and more!

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the Soviet Union, says he knows who organized the attack on the U.S. Capitol.“The assault on the Capitol was evidently planned in advance, and it is clear by whom,” he told RT, Russia’s state-run media, without elaborating on his remarks.

Twitter, for instance, lost $5 billion in value, declining 12 percent on the New York Stock Market, all in a single day! Parler is suing Amazon. Gab saw its traffic levels accelerate 700% in one day as President Donald Trump has begun to post again using Gab, after the Fascists at Twitter had cut him off.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is trying to get Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. And, finally, what’s the connection between the Lincoln Project and kiddy diddlers? Buckle up, buttercups!


We opened with In Pursuit of Truth, so we’ll engage in some symmetry and close with 2 Minutes of Truth from IPOT, this one called Pelosi Wants Outs!



So much is happening, Sir Patrick Mack from In Pursuit of Truth can no longer follow any straight lines. So he’s begun to meander. He opens with another dog story, the tales you have been hounding him to tell. The latest: Joe Biden sprains his right foot while tripping over his pet German Shepherd Major. Did he twist his ankle, or is he just getting ready for the “walking boot”” that his doctors say he must wear for several weeks? And did he trip because he had too much Thanksgiving tryptophan or because he needed some new, fancy footwear?

Then we go to Washington DC where President Donald Trump has to pardon one of two turkeys, Corn or Cob, from Iowa. Corn won out over Cob, but neither is getting cooked. They will live out their lives at an agricultural college in Iowa.

And isn’t it an intriguing coinky-dink that Joe Biden had a fall while Dan Scavino was posting about Great Falls Park, which just so happens to be located at 9200 Old Dominion Drive in McLean, Virginia? Coincidences keep adding up in ways that are no longer probable, if you follow statistical analysis. But maybe you’re following something else, eh, Kemo Sabe!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media [e] fraud playbook was already known by the patriots. The playbook was laid out for all of us to see. Now the fraud is being presented. The first stage is to drip the first part of the evidence. The next stage will be to present the hard facts and the final stage will show that these people [knowingly] committed a crime. Then and only then will the agency that oversees election integrity get involved. This is one of the biggest sting operations the world has ever seen. Panic everywhere. More from the X22 Report.

MOAR evidence of fraud, Dominion machines switching votes, Mil Intel having the evidence, Michigan Election Office & Dominion employees stuffing the ballot boxes and the revelation that CHINA bought Dominion in October!!!!! More from RedPill78.

The momentum is shifting! [Deep State] panic is at an all-time high! Big Booms are coming — more everyday! And here for the scoop is And We Know in a video called The Battle Of Our Lifetime Is Under Way.

Election Fraudzilla! Biden booted! Judge Roberts Epstein connection! Zuckshapeshift! Remember: The Media is Complicit: Enemy of the People. More from McAllister TV.


Sir Patrick Mack with In Pursuit of Truth gets crackin.’ He quotes from Sidney Powell, President Donald Trump’s election attorney, pledging to overturn results in several states. How might she do so? What’s with the Dominion Voting Systems or the related Smartmatic? Does Powell have the power to release the Kraken? And what, exactly does she mean? Until the next time, stay funky!

The patriots are in control. The elections are going exactly how they planned it. It must be shown to the people. If it was presented outright, the public would not accept. The people must see the fraud. The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] are preparing for their loss and so are the patriots. Trump just terminated Kreb, who handled CISA. Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick took back control of special operations. All the pieces are almost in place. More from the X22 Report.

In typical boss-like fashion, President Trump gave Christopher Krebs his walking papers last night over Twitter, Lin Wood & Sidney Powell continue to tease evidence of the massive fraud and we put together several instances of fraud in several major states. The silent war continues…More from RedPill78.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion launches a new, daily series of video podcasts he’s calling “Accordin’ to Jordan.” In this inaugural broadcast, he covers Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, the Big tech CEOS testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee and Dominion Voting Systems.

In this episode of the Silent War, we dive into groundbreaking bombshell evidence that will inevitably lead to prison time for many in the Deep State who were too arrogant and thought they would get away with it. But they won’t. Dustin Nemos says Joe Biden, among many others, is going to land in jail.

Time To Take Our Country Back

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have lost and they are now planning their revenge. This is not on Trump but on the people. The silent majority is no longer silent and the MSM/[DS] talking points no longer work. The evidence is out. It’s time to take back the country. Remember the 3rd of Nov, the day the country was returned to the people. More from the X22 Report.


A red wave is sweeping across Minnesota after the weak governor, Tim Walz, stipulated that only 250 people could attend a campaign rally hosted by President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 fans had traveled to Rochester, Minn., hoping to attend the rally. Also in the news: The American cross domestic product, or GDP, is skyrocketing. More from And We Know.

Kevin, a Department of Homeland Security Agent contacted me to express his concerns about border security, illegal immigration, and election fraud. More from the SGTReport.

Sir Patrick Mack from In Pursuit of Truth pays homage to Sean Connery while also explaining the permutations he has experienced since the knuckleheads at YouTube and Patreon terminated IPOT. Let’s hope President Donald Trump wins, and we can not only defeat the forces of censorship, but drive them all 230 feet under the ground!

The Fifth Column

As we near Election 2020 in November, the Fifth Column is rearing its ugly head once again. What is the Fifth Column, you ask? It’s a group, whose roots date back farther than we care to imagine, who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.

In this case, it appears we’re talking Deep State antics here, folks. A recent post from “Those Guys” paints a clear picture of the situation, when they ask: How many Republican presidential candidates, journalists and Congressional members were illegally spied on by The Swamp–with aid from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and non-Five Eyes sources–in their attempt to damage the GOP and subsequent Trump Administration? IPOT’s Sir Patrick Mack says we really don’t have an answer on the tally, since the info is still trickling in.

In the following episode of In Pursuit of the Truth, Mack also investigates whether the recent Steve Bannon arrest is tied to Fifth Column activity, China’s agricultural predicament and the surplus of tiny islands in the Caribbean being purchased by celebrities and other elites, all of them in close proximity to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island.

The WeatherMen II

Sir Patrick Mack continues on his quest to expose the fraudulent WeatherMen underground, their stranglehold over Democrats, and how they are manipulating the media, Hollywood, academia and their varied political allies and cronies in an effort to sabotage American democracy, to steal our freedoms, to sandbag and rob our prosperity. None of these liars and douchebag Leftists should go Scot-Free. It’s high time they are identified, neutralized and, where criminal graft is involved, jailed.

The [Deep State] is now struggling. The fake impeachment is about to fall apart. The report is coming out and there will be criminal referrals. This will hit the fake impeachment hard, but the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media will try to spin it. 8kun is online. Q started to post again. America will be unified again. The hammer is the key to the coup. More from the X22 Report.

James Le Mesurier, the onetime leader of the White Helmets in Syria, has been found dead in Istanbul, Turkey. Le Mesurier, 48, the founder and director of the Mayday Rescue group, died early Monday. It appeared he either jumped, or was thrown, off a roof. RedPill78 covers the death, as well as getting into Hillary Clinton’s bizarre answer over whether she will run for President in 2020. Also in this report, is the FBI ready to arrest Jeffrey Epstein conspirators? RedPill78 says to expect arrests soon. He looks for those apprehended to begin ratting out those above them.

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We join McAllister TV in sending a hearty shoutout to all American veterans. We salute you and greatly appreciate your service to our country! Here, McAllister TV focuses on why the [Deep State] is drowning in lies. Also, why Smelly Pants Clinton shouldn’t get anywhere near the White House. Why does she smell so bad? We’ll give you a clue. 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday interviewed Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who discussed Prince Andrew smelling so vile. Notice how these associates of Jeffrey Epstein all stink. If you think for awhile, you’ll understand why?


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