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The Story They’re Hiding

Why are the biggest social media platforms practicing such hardcore censorship? Because they are still trying to hide the news. Namely, how the FBI ran Crossfire Hurricane: the campaign to try to mix up and illegally overturn the Trump administration. Instead of allowing the official secrets to be revealed, these outfits like Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have all joined with the Democrats to lie to the people. More from JustInformed Talk.

Lisa Page, the FBI attorney whose biased text messages cast a cloud over the two biggest investigations during the 2016 presidential election, made her first public comments in an interview published on Dec. 1. More from Gina Shakespeare with the Epoch Times program Declassified.

Lionel Nation says Lisa Page is the most blatant purveyor of the most obvious “limited hangout” ever. He explains how she’s trying to cover for the Democratic hierarchy who tried to sabotage Trump.



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