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The Swamp Is Being Drained

The [Deep State] is pushing the fake impeachment but will not commit. The report has been released and they investigated Nunes. Trump is in London attending a NATO meeting. Q drops more bread. Information war, disinformation, FISA report, more CEOs resign, coincidence? Trump is draining the swamp. Is the [DS] preparing an event? More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth expects his channel to get banned by YouTube. He asks all of his followers to explore alternative channels, like Bitchute or Brighteon. We don’t know yet, but it’s looking like this censorship on YouTube could get out of control.

On the news front, Sir Mack reports how the Paris climate accord is just a big, fat scam designed to drain resources and money from the United States and other wealthy countries. Of course, House speaker Nancy Pelosi is vowing to uphold the accord, no matter what President Trump’s administration does. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Pelosi and her Democrats. They are obstructionists to the core.

New Q! Information warfare! Public awakening ahead! Treason! More from McAllister TV.

Destroying the Illusion examines the attack on Q by the fake news TV show 60 Minutes. They might be big investigators but they are bigger liars than the average members of the press. Not to be trusted or believed.  Also in this episode, DTI’s Jordan Sather delves into Lisa Page, a new WWE skit and some evidence that the Brazilian fires might have been set by NGOs.

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