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Pushing Events To Block DeClass

The [Deep State] knows the declass is coming. They are using events to try to block it and keep the Trump administration busy. This has already failed. Trump and the patriots are now cleaning house. The swamp is continually being drained. The [DS] will push their agenda moving their events to different countries to try to get something to stick. Meanwhile, Trump and the patriots removed players in Iran. The patriots are in control. The [DS] has already lost they just don’t know it yet. More from the X22 Report.

Devin Nunes has a message about the California fires. Also, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich penned an op-ed from prison, saying Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts would have impeached Abraham Lincoln if they had been around in the 1860s. Also, the Democratic Presidential pool is shrinking with Jason Castro calling it quits. Otherwise, we have more on the usual Democratic suspects, including former CIA Director John Brennan, in this edition of RedPill78.

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Sir Patrick Mack is back after his “Feddlin” video got him kicked off YouTube. Watch for that Google platform to turn more and more draconian and push increasing censorship in the months ahead.

Here, Sir Patrick Mack calls for his followers to leave YouTube and join him on alternate platforms — like Bitchute and Brighteon.

Also, he delves into the Hawaii tour helicopter crash that killed seven, including the founder of Madison, Wisconsin’s Doyenne Evergreen Fund.

And We Know celebrates the Trump presidency — a lion among a dens of hyenas. The Democrats and their Deep State allies ares still up to their slippery ways, but these knuckleheads are no match for @realDonaldTrump. All we can say: Buckle up Dorothy. Soon, we’ll be leaving Kansas far behind in the rear-view mirror!

Hello 2020!!! Fake news implosion!!! Dems hypocrisy!!! New Mark Taylor prophecy!!! Panic in DC!!! More from McAllister TV.


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