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CNN Caves In Defamation Suit

CNN has agreed to settle for an undisclosed amount with Nick Sandman, the student from Covington Catholic who was smeared and defamed by various personalities and networks.

While some are claiming that this is a defeat as they won’t go to trial, we need to consider the context around the lawsuits.

CNN and Washington Post tried to get the suits dismissed but a judge recently allowed the suit against WaPo to enter discovery, meaning it was moving forward. Sandmann’s legal team was preparing more lawsuits and was gaining ground in the battle.

Presumably CNN saw the signs on the wall and knew they were going to lose and decided to cave. I can only assume considering the major support and advantage of the Covington student that CNN paid out a very hefty sum, though the full amount is undisclosed.

The battle is not over. Sandmann’s team is going after Nathan Phillips and other outlets.

At the same time Devin Nunes, Lara Logan, and others are suing various news outlets for smears and fake news. Defamation lawsuits are popping up as people no longer will sit idly by as their names and reputations are tarnished. More from Tim Pool.

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When will CNN do their next Big expose: How does it feel to be walking around town with egg all over your face? They had to pay out the nose for their fake news reporting. Will they be as shameless and cavalier the next time around? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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