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Two Down, Six To Go

Covington, Kentucky, high school student Nick Sandmann has won his defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. This is the second lawsuit he has won, the other coming against CNN. There remain six other lawsuits left to settle, including ones against the New York Times, NBC Universal, CBS News, ABC News, Gannett and Rolling Stone.

Sandmann originally was seeking $250 million from the Washington Post. It’s unclear how much he received in his settlement agreement. Sandmann and other Covington kids were falsely accused by mainstream media outlets of mocking a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, who was later exposed as a fraud. More from Mr. Obvious.

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CNN Caves In Defamation Suit

CNN has agreed to settle for an undisclosed amount with Nick Sandman, the student from Covington Catholic who was smeared and defamed by various personalities and networks.

While some are claiming that this is a defeat as they won’t go to trial, we need to consider the context around the lawsuits.

CNN and Washington Post tried to get the suits dismissed but a judge recently allowed the suit against WaPo to enter discovery, meaning it was moving forward. Sandmann’s legal team was preparing more lawsuits and was gaining ground in the battle.

Presumably CNN saw the signs on the wall and knew they were going to lose and decided to cave. I can only assume considering the major support and advantage of the Covington student that CNN paid out a very hefty sum, though the full amount is undisclosed.

The battle is not over. Sandmann’s team is going after Nathan Phillips and other outlets.

At the same time Devin Nunes, Lara Logan, and others are suing various news outlets for smears and fake news. Defamation lawsuits are popping up as people no longer will sit idly by as their names and reputations are tarnished. More from Tim Pool.

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When will CNN do their next Big expose: How does it feel to be walking around town with egg all over your face? They had to pay out the nose for their fake news reporting. Will they be as shameless and cavalier the next time around? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Excellent Democratic Road Trip

Nancy Pelosi awakens from her slumbering crypt to lead an excellent Democratic road trip. Among her fellow travelers: Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, journalist Jim Acosta and Nathan Phillips. More from cartoonist Tiberius Maximus.

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YouTube Bans Don Shipley

YouTube has banned Don Shipley, who exposed the fraudulence of Nathan Philips. It was Shipley who let us know that Native American Nathan Philips was a liar when he implied he had served in the Vietnam War. Phillips, of course, is the Leftist douchebag who promulgated the big, lying mass media campaign against the boys from Covington, Kentucky.

All along, Phillips maintained the boys had surrounded him and chanted anti-Indian slogans, but the fact is he crossed a street and drummed in the face of a boy wearing a MAGA hat. The mainstream media who all embraced Phillips’ false charges are now recanting and withdrawing those statements because they are facing multi-million dollar defamation lawsuits from the Covington kids.

Why should YouTube be banning Shipley, rather than Phillips? These social media platforms are all bought and sold Leftists. Not a one of them provides a fair platform for conservatives, Christians or Libertarians. So rather than Philips being punished for lying, the media blackballs the patriot who exposed this bastard.

Here, Douglas M. Ducote Sr. addresses this bizarre censorship: How the freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment has been stripped from Don Shipley United States Navy SEAL (Ret.) Shipley should join the Covington kids and file multimillion dollar suits against these censors, starting with YouTube.

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And the Oscar Goes To…

President Donald Trump serves a new role as Oscar presenter. The nominees: Christine Blasey Ford, Nathan Phillips and Jussie Smollett. More from The United Spot.

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Leftists Face Covington Lawsuit

Leftist media and celebrities face massive Covington Catholic High School lawsuit. The lawyers representing Nick Sandmann have sent over 50 letters as the first step in libel and defamation cases in the MAGA hat / MAGA Teen incident in Washington DC.

Many leftist and far left personalities produced false statements or encouraged people to harass the Covington Catholic High school students following their incident with Nathan Phillips, the Native American who lied about what happened in DC. These individuals can expect letters as well as major news outlets.

The media uncritically parroted activist rhetoric and falsehoods and will now face the repercussions of publishing fake news.

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Styxhexenhammer666 calls it “the great reckoning.”  Half of the legacy media will be sued by Nick Sandmann.  In other words, the media will be forced to defend their destructive behavior.

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Barbasol Shave: Smokin’

Watch Barbasol’s commercial for its shaving cream. We have used Barbasol for several years now and have always found it far superior to Gillette. Now, we’re even more sold on Barbasol. We not only plan to use it the rest of our lives. We’ll be singing its praise — in public.

Gillette, as far as we’re concerned, is dead — forever. We don’t plan to buy it again or support Procter & Gamble after the snide comments of its CEO David S. Taylor. Screw the pooch, you arrogant jackass!

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On Louder with Crowder, WWE’s A.J. Styles debunks the notion of “toxic masculinity” presented in the Gillette commercial. The wrestling legend gets real about manhood, how Gillette’s ad completely misunderstood men, and the best way to handle bullies.

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The NPCs support Gillette’s fight to outlaw toxic masculinity, but how will they respond when they get their own rude comeuppance?

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Hunter Avallone has some fun lampooning the commercial. When a company misses the mark as widely as Gillette, it deserves an avalanche of criticism.

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Mr. Reagan created a parody of the Gillette ad, incorporating the Leftist propaganda generated by Native drummer Nathan Phillips and his foaming-at-the-mouth Black Hebrew Israelite allies.  Where do Leftists find these groups?

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Finally, Ezra Levant of The reports: After their advertisement attacking masculinity, I’ve decided to stop buying Gillette razors. He says, “I honestly haven’t thought about what kind of razor I used in decades. Not since the last century. But then I saw that now infamous ad by Gillette pop up on Twitter. It’s less than two minutes long, but that’s still very long for an ad, in an era of 30-second or even 5-second ads.

“This ad (or “short film,” as Gillette calls it) was directed by a young feminist woman named Kim Gehrig. Imagine having a middle aged male direct an ad for tampons. Why would you do that? Unless you were doing that for a very special reason, on purpose — and the purpose wasn’t to sell razors…”

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Dumb Democrats Double Down

You would think by now the Democrats would be bowing down their heads in shame. Turns out they got everything wrong about the kids from Covington, Ky. They believed some phony, rigged news clips rather than digging down and getting the truth. They not only threatened the children, but their lying news media allies slandered and libeled these kids all over the place, without, of course, checking first and getting the facts. Truly a bunch of raving idiots! More from Mark Dice.

Of course, the bigots at the Southern Poverty Law Center didn’t backtrack or apologize. The SPLC has always been run by chronic liars and Leftists so nothing new there. Weird how they get so many big corporations to fund their projects. Wonder what kind of cajoling goes on in the backrooms? Styxhexenhammer666 describes it pretty much as it is, “A non apology pretending there’s a national debate over objective bits of video evidence.”

#CovingtonGate is the most extreme culture war battle we have ever seen. Never before have so many far leftists, celebrities, news outlets, joined in a campaign against kids. Tim Pool explores the Twitter activity that pushed the fake story, focusing on whether there might have been foreign involvement to aggravate conditions in America and further polarize conservatives and liberals.

Meanwhile, we’re now learning much more about Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist who all the mainstream media treated like he was the next incarnation of Iron Eyes Cody, brought to tears over the intransigence of the white man. The media has had to backtrack as it’s turned out Phillips is little more than a chronic liar. He never served in Vietnam, he was a Marine but served completely stateside and went AWOL three times. And now, it turns out he was a hardcore drunk for some 20 years. In other words, he has reason to cry, but has been largely the source of his own troubles, and certainly is anything but a credible spokesman.

Finally, Robert Barnes lays out his plans to sue prominent members of the media and celebrities who libeled these children from Kentucky. Barnes says the foul culprits have 48 hours to retract erroneous and libelous information they have rendered in public — on the air, for instance, or Twitter or the pages of prominent newspapers. Those who retract will be forgiven. Those who don’t can bend over and spread them, because they will be sued.

Someone called in a bomb threat to Barnes’ office minutes after his TV appearance on Fox News. Looks like the Leftists are completely unhinged. If they get much crazier, we will have to start stampeding them off cliffs, like lemmings.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence, we present a Bitchute video featuring an appearance by Robert Barnes on the Rubin Report with Dave Rubin. They discuss the Covington kids, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, among other topics.)


It’s OK to Smirk

Here’s what really happened in Washington, DC. Quick: Someone should tell Nathan Phillips, the “Native” activist, that it’s still OK to smirk in America. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Truth Factory dives in with a much deeper and more honest report on the incident than you’ll ever get from the lying Leftist media. Needless to say, the mainstream media has turned the story into their latest example of fake news. Hope every one of the culprits — starting with the bastards at CNN, Salon and BuzzFeed — gets sued up the wazoo by these children and their families.

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Here’s another Internet ode to America’s MAGA hero. From TrollasaurusRX.

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Tucker Carlson’s report focuses on the Leftist maggots trying to stir up hatred and violence on social media. We’re especially eager to see Jack Morissey of Disney punished. He served as a producer for Beauty and the Beast. How dare he show MAGA kids being crammed into a wood chipper, their blood spewing out all over. Morissey, you’re nothing but a moron and a degenerate. Fie on you, creep.

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Finally, let’s take a look at Nathan Phillips, who served in the military under the name of Nathan Stanard. Yes, he was a Marine, but he never did serve in the Vietnam War. He remained strictly stateside, repairing refrigerators. His years of service included a couple of AWOLs, suggesting he had disciplinary problems. He was discharged as a private. More from Buds131.

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Media Hacks Walk Back Story

The opportunistic legacy media hacks are walking back their incendiary stories that condemned a bunch of high school boys from Covington, Kentucky. We all know the false story by now: How the boys surrounded a poor Indian drummer and taunted him with racist charges. The only trouble: They didn’t surround Nathan Phillips. They didn’t use any racial epithets at all against him.

He’s the one who marched over to where the boys were at and started pounding his drum close to the head of one of the boys. Turns out Phillips is a Leftist nut case. He’s pulled the same kind of stunt at least twice before. He claims to be a Vietnam veteran, but the facts suggest that’s a lie. He might not even be Native American. Seems he’s an “actor” who appeared in a Skrillex music video for “Make It Bun Dem,” a song seemingly pushing cop assassinations.

Of course, now that’s it’s all proving to be yet another lie, the lamestream media is trying to bury the story and cover up their sensationalism. They could care less that they defamed these boys, their school and their families. From CNN to Fox, the media is covering their sorry asses for legal reasons. Hopefully, they will be sued for millions of dollars. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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Vincent James also has a followup to the sordid incident. He explains why the mainstream media lied, and outlines the bigotry of the Leftists who tried to make hay out of the incident — like Disney producer Jack Morrissey of Beauty and the Beast fame, who ran a Tweet showing kids in MAGA hats being pushed into a woodchipper, sending their blood spewing. Morrissey might think that’s funny, but why the hell would Disney hire producers making jokes about butchering children? Not exactly the right image for a supposed “child-friendly” outfit. Here, Vincent James from The Red Elephants discusses.

Tim Pool says Leftists are quietly purging their tweets about the MAGA kids incident. The reason: Even the majority of the most-hardened Leftists are starting to realize they were duped by lying Native activist Nathan Phillips and the racist bigots from the black supremacist groups. When you’ve got a self-admitted cannibal like CNN contributor Reza Aslan backing your position, you know: A. It’s a losing proposition. B. It’s sick and degenerate.

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HighImpactFlix says CNN might be trying to sprinkle around some sugar to soften the blows, but he adds, “Don’t think for a second that these people stop being the deceptive snakes they are.” The only reason they are backtracking: They were caught red-handed, lying, and pedaling their Leftism. They will never stop lying so long as CNN exists.





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