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Deep State Wants Mass Death

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says that despite the Deep State mass depopulation and widespread chaos narrative, the American public is beginning to see and realize what is really happening.

“The Deep State wants to hurt us. They want to kill us. They want to maime us,” Radiostyle says. He explains further, plus features a Devin Nunes clip on Newsmax, where he posits there are two- to three-dozen “rats” festering in the corrupt FBI, DOJ and Biden Administration. Here’s more.

[Deep State] Took The Bait

The [Deep State] fell right into the trap. The [Deep State] is now planning and acting out of fear and panic. The agenda for cheating in the midterms is not going to work. The [Deep State] needed to change tactics and that’s what they are doing.

They took the bait and shifted the narrative. The Pit exposed the Chinese Communist Party. They interfered in the US elections. That’s what this is all about: The overthrow of the US government. The [Deep State] is headed right into the storm. More from the X22 Report.

Did Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI walk into a trap. Boomerang! Are they caught?

Don’t you see what is happening? Do not fear! The pit is here! More from And We Know.

John Durham: Pain Is Coming 2

In this episode we will look at the Sussman trial and what’s next for the on-going investigation by John ‘The Bull’ Durham, as he investigates the fake Russian hoax perpetrated by the Globalist Deep State to attack the ULTRA MAGA King, President Donald Trump. Featuring appearances Kash Patel, Brian Cates, Devin Nunes and the X22 Report. More from MrTruthBomb.

The Truth Came Out

What does Joe Biden dream when he’s sleeping like a baby? More from The United Spot.

X22 Report: Ivana Trump Dies

The [Deep State] has now failed in everything they have tried. Each lie is being exposed. The public is now learning the truth and when the people understand and see the truth it is game over for the [Deep State] players.

They see the writing on the wall, and the only thing they have left is chaos, which they will use. But this is going to fail like everything else. Chaos does not startle the patriots. Trump mentions decisions need to be made. Change is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Sound the Alarm! Decision soon! Durham moves! Biden exposure! NATO exposed! Pray! More from And We Know.

What Happened?

Ilhan Omar tries to set up a Truth Social account but she hits a few snags with the social medium platform. More from The United Spot.

Define Bait, Define Plant

The [Deep State] took the bait and completely destroyed themselves. They put a witness on the stand that was fed false info and it was debunked in a matter of minutes. Was this a trap? Was Cassidy the bait to destroy the J6 fake show.

The patriots are in control and the next phase of the plan is coming online. [Ghislaine Maxwell] was just the beginning, Trump, Kash, Nunes all hint to where this is all going: Rachel Chandler. More from the X22 Report.

AOC Joins Truth Social

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is joining, but she has a problem with the Truth. It’s dangerous.

Like landing on the Sun — you can only do that at night! More from The United Spot.

J6 Hoax Is A ‘Waterworld’ Movie

How are the Democrats going to get anyone to watch their January 6th Select Committee hoax next week? The opening Thursday night was already a snooze fest. No one except hardcore partisans will want to indulge hours more of this malarkey! Even the mainstream media admits it.

Otherwise, in this video: Prices make Democrats sick! Fox loses! Pray! More from And We Know.


Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go into a state of free-fall as they come to realize the rise of Truth Social and their growing inability to censor views they oppose. Featuring a guest star appearance by Devin Nunes. More from The United Spot.

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