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Leftists Deny Cheers For Trump

When President Trump and First Lady Melania walked onto the Superdome field before the LSU v. Clemson national championship college football game, the students and alumni erupted in raucous applause and cheers. Within minutes Leftists on Twitter and elsewhere had several theories to prove why it never happened. After all, college-educated Americans couldn’t possibly be glad to see Trump. Bill Whittle discusses along with Scott Ott and Stephen Green on Right Angle.

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Speaking of the uproar over President Donald Trump’s appearance at the national championship college football game, was there any greater brouhaha than over Vince Vaughn sidling over to chat with Trump and shake his hand? The Commie Leftists were all appalled. How dare a conservative actually have show the temerity to greet the president!?! More from Meme the Left.

Of course, the Leftists are elevating their protests. Now, there’s a group of them walking around in circles. These anti-Trump activists say they are going to keep walking in circles until he’s removed from office. Somewhere, there’s a loony bin that’s suitable for these dingbats! More from Zeducation.

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