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Asterisk First Lady Unelect!

The social justice warriors are already up in arms over how conservatives aren’t pimping asterisk First Lady Unelect Jill Biden! As a matter of fact, she’s called a doctor, but she’s not a doctor, at least not in the same sense as Rand Paul. She’s called a doctor because she got a degree from reading lots of books. There’s something worthy about that. Of course, there was something just as worthy in Melania Trump speaking five languages, yet the SJW boobs never once eased up on berating or castigating her. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Brennan Takes Iran’s Side

Former CIA Director John Brennan never stands up for the United States. Instead, “he constantly takes the side of the Iranian regime,” a tendency that Richard Grenfell calls “scary.”

Grenell, who served as Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration, spoke this week to Sean Spicer at Newsmax.

The two also discussed the mainstream media going crazy-wild about Joe Biden’s team appointing so many women as members of their public relations team. Trump also had women in charge of his public relations as well as the communications for FLOTUS Melania Trump, but the press, of course, never once considered any of that newsworthy or remarkable.

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Of course, as a Muslim, Brennan has long been prone to speak on behalf of the Islamic world. Here’s a talk he gave in 2010 — some 10 years ago.

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Trump’s Path To Victory

Since Day 1, when then-candidate Donald J. Trump and his wife, Melania, came down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York, the odds have been stacked against him. He’s been politically assaulted every which way by the Left and their loyal public relations pals, the mainstream media. And the same scenario is playing out once again as the legal fight for the White House hits a fever pitch.

But look for Team Trump to move onward and upward in fighting the fight until the President is re-elected for another four years. Says Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law and campaign consultant, “What 73 million Americans out there have felt over the past two weeks¬† is that Donald Trump legitimately won the election.” She examines President Trump’s pathway to success, the legal team’s press conference and why they will not stop the fight in this appearance with Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

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The Left’s Double Standard

If there is one thing that is glaringly evident in recent years, it’s the Left’s double standard when comes to the treatment of women. They profess to empower strong, outspoken women, that is, unless a strong, conservative woman takes the spotlight.

The latest case in point is President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Within hours after the nomination, the Left unleashed a barrage of attacks on Barrett, calling her racist, a religious zealot, a gun extremist and a bad mom. And this has been their modus operandi, especially through the first term of the Trump Administration.

Here’s more from Isabel Brown, Generation Z conservative and contributor to The First TV channel, who documents the Left’s merciless assaults on Trump confidants, such as political advisor Kellyanne Conway, former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, First Lady Melania Trump and the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

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Trump: Symbol of U.S. Recovery

Make no mistake that President’s Trump’s recovery from COVID-19 is akin to America’s recovery. Our nation’s resurgence from the virus is stronger than that of Europe, stronger than anyone would have predicted and President Trump is a living symbol of that positive, can-do spirit.

Sadly, the Democrats and the fake mainstream media went through their brief motions of decency before attacking Trump and reveling in his misfortune. Their response was no different than that of the China Communist Party, whose message was that the President and First Lady paid the price for playing down the virus.

Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News has more on the recovery of President Trump, the media’s reaction and how it will affect next month’s election.

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The Fun Continues!

MSNBC interrupted the Republican National Convention for more than 71 minutes during the first two nights. Seems MSNBC staff are such windbags they can’t just shut up and allow the news to happen. They’ve got to beat down everything and talk it to death.¬† What other mainstream media oddities emerged during the RNC. Listen as Mark Dice explains.

Alec Baldwin, one of Hollywood’s most demented actors, lashed out at Melania Trump and the “regular Americans” invited to speak at the Republican National Convention. Baldwin is aghast. There are actually Americans who are genuine and real, and not lunatic Leftists or Pedophiles or Satanists or Atheists like the screwballs invited to the Democratic National Convention. Reaction from JosiahRises.

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How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are pushing the race card and pushing the virus agenda very hard. They know they need to keep it going until the election. This has already failed. The people are now seeing right through it. [Ghislaine Maxwell] is the start. The investigation has been ongoing and one person will lead to another. This has been planned from the beginning. The treason and sedition cases must be linked to the crimes against humanity cases. Only then will people see the true nature of the [DS] players’ crimes. It is now the patriots’ turn. More from the X22 Report.

Stay united, not divided. You are what matters. You, awake, is their greatest fear. Do not allow our history or our values to be taken from us. Stay the course! God Bless America! More from And We Know.

Here, Black Conservative Patriot reacts to President Donald Trump’s plan to build a sculpture garden dedicated to celebrating the great men and women of American history. Leftists won’t like it — they want to erase history! But all Americans can take pride in the accomplishments of our pivotal thinkers and leaders. And, yes, we can even learn from our mistakes.

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In the spirit of American freedom and God-given liberty, let’s go down the rabbit hole to look at the list of Ghislaine Maxwell’s associates, some coded messages–including FLOTUS Melania’s dress, in anticipation of a big week ahead. More from Lori Colley.

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Russia Versus The Deep State

Psychic LJ takes a deep dive and looks at what is happening between Russia and the Deep State. Which should we actually fear? Who means evil? She also looks at President Donald Trump and analyzes his fears of germs and his approach to politics. It’s a good thing that Melania is tough and practical. What is going down with the coronavirus? Which are the banks and operatives behind human trafficking? Lots here, so get prepared!

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Thank You Melania

McAllister TV offers a salute to our uplifting and beautiful First Lady — Melania Trump….Love, America!

Rush Given Medal Of Freedom

Watch the emotional moment when First Lady Melania Trump presents Rush Limbaugh with Presidential Medal of Freedom at Tuesday’s State Of The Union.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed her opposition by tearing up President Donald Trump’s stirring State of the Union speech. Good to see the classless Democrats continuing to behave so childishly. The American public expects more from its elected delegates. Look for a lot of the Democrats, especially in the House, to be sent home this coming fall. More from Mike Cernovich.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes the Bait of the Union. Easy, Nancy. It’s a speech transcript, not an Iowa ballot. Enjoy another rant from RazorFist.

Lionel Nation says Nancy Pelosi proved her character: She is a harpy, a harridan, a vile, rancid, disgusting, classless cur. Lionel calls it the greatest State of the Union ever. Not only best delivered, but also great stagecraft.

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