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MSNBC Jumps 50 Sharks

I Didn’t Think MSNBC Could Get WORSE. I Was Wrong. MSNBC SLAMMED For INSANE Bernie Smear. More from Tim Pool.

Mr. Reagan offers a video called How the Media Lies to You, wherein he explains the techniques used by the press to distort the truth and present lies as facts. The media does this constantly when covering Republicans as most members of the press are Liberal Democrats and unable to camouflage their biases.

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Now, MSNBC is pushing the idea of disenfranchising white voters and particularly those who espouse racist ideals. We’re not sure how they intend to go about finding out if a person is a racist or revoking their voting rights. But why outlaw only white racists? Surely, there are plenty of black racists and Hispanic or Asian racists we could outlaw as well. More from Vincent James at The Red Elephants.

This is just the beginning. More Americans aren’t taking it lying down. They are talking back to the lying media. More from Mark Dice.

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