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California has begun steps to comply with the terms of a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch to improve voting integrity. In Los Angeles County alone, the state has mailed notices to some 1.5 million inactive voters, including those who have died, moved or otherwise become ineligible to vote. That’s right: Up to 1.5 million in Los Angeles alone! How many more across the state will be found ineligible? How much gross voting fraud has been allowed, even encouraged, by this negligence?

Meanwhile, New York has passed one of the most Liberal driving license laws in the nation, one allowing for much easier abuse of voting by illegal aliens. Interesting how the most “progressive” states are the ones encouraging lawlessness and voting rights subversion. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State]/Democrats are now trapped. They do not have a strategy past step 5. They walked right into the trap the patriots set for them. They have no evidence or facts and most what they are explaining to the public is the procedures, text and email that show no crime. The crime is with the [DS]/D’s. [Adam Schiff] was once again caught in a lie. Trump was about to mention something at Davos, then he stopped himself. The hidden secrets are about to be revealed. More from the X22 Report.

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Tulsi Gabbard slaps Hillary Clinton with a $50 million lawsuit. What’s with the Saudi Arabian prince who eavesdropped on Jeffrey Bezos? Why is Hunter Biden facing contempt of court charges in Arkansas? Also, the scoop on a St. Louis prosecutor pleading the fifth in a corruption case. This is no ordinary prosecutor but one propped up by money from George Soros. There’s lots more in this latest video from RedPill78.

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Adam Schiff on crack!!! Cry’in Chuck Schumer!! The rage of the Nad!! FU UN!! Plus Q headlines!! More from McAllister TV.

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Destroying the Illusion discusses the latest UFO disclosures as well as Coronavirus, the new epidemic arising in China and now spreading to the United States as well as across Asia. There are lots of new Q posts, as well as President Trump making an appearance at Davos. Also discussed: Peach Mint, the sham impeachment proceedings.

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