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Coronavirus: Grim Reaper

A scientist explains why the coronavirus is worse than we’ve been told. The speaker is Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. He is an economic researcher and trend forecaster, but also has a scientific background.

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What is life like inside Wuhan, the quarantined city of 10 million at the heart of the virus outbreak? Ben Kavanagh is working as a teacher in Wuhan. Here he shows us the daily life in the city under quarantine as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread across China. More from Channel 4 News.

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Breaking! Is coronavirus a bioweapons attack being mounted for population control? David Zublick says health and alternative news websites advancing that idea have come under heavy cyber attack.  Will this virus be used to control free speech? How about curbing travel?

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The Chernobyl of Communist China. That’s what an observer from Hong Kong calls the pandemic brewing in Wuhan, China. He says as many as 15 percent of those contracting the disease are dying. Listen as he describes the scene in an interview with Stefan Molyneux.

Styxhexenhammer666 has an update. Coronavirus is spreading much faster than SARS or Ebola. And its kill rate is much higher than ordinary flu. It’s closer in impact to the Spanish flu that infected 500 million people around the world in 1918. The latest confirmed cases have turned up in Israel, Canada and Australia.

We close with a report from China, the center of the disease. China’s health commission minister has warned that the coronavirus’s ability to spread appeared to be getting stronger as the number of patients in Wuhan with the virus increases. The city has been placed under strict lockdown. More from the Guardian News.

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