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CNN Laughs It Up

CNN host Don Lemon and his knucklehead guests are laughing it up, describing Trump supporters as ignorant rednecks. The network has been losing viewers for years as folks grow tired of its strident lies, its Leftist nonsense and all the CIA garbage spewed non-stop. One of these years, CNN might actually start honestly reporting the news. Until then, look for more laughs. We turn to Mark Dice for the details.

Tim Pool also touches on Don Lemon yucking it up with his guests, casting shade on Trump supporters. These CIA numbskulls aren’t going to be laughing much longer. We all know who they are and what they are. They are most certainly not TV news anchors, not even close. They are clowns! Hence the incessant laughter.

So, the CNN panelists mock Trump supporters as illiterates and buffoons. Trump’s response is priceless. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Steven Crowder reviews Don Lemon’s latest segment mocking Trump voters and examines who the real idiot is. More from Louder with Crowder.

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