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Leftist Media In Meltdown Mode

The leftist fake news is suffering a meltdown over Elon Musk buying Twitter. They’re imagined Musk might censor them — the way they have been censoring everybody else for the past decade or so. And, sad but true, CNN’s Brian Stelter has never been invited to a party! More from Mark Dice.

The woke left is so distraught, they are already canceling themselves. Listen as these lefty loonies law out how they will eliminate their Twitter accounts to venture somewhere beyond the stratosphere. More from Steve Turley.

Trump: We Never Left

Christian Patriot News analyzes some four-year deltas from the Q posts, tied to Feb. 9, one which suggests President Trump and the patriots never left the political scene and will soon address the matter publicly.

“I hope that’s some double reference to some upcoming events that are taking place in the here and now, and I hope it’s a reference to our favorite president, who is Q-Plus, and his administration,” Christian Patriot News says. He explains further.

More Shoes To Drop At CNN

CNN has already lost its CEO Jeff Zucker and news host Chris Cuomo, as well as a couple of producers — all engaged in sordid sexual affairs, some involving minors. But Megan Kelly warns “there will be more shoes to drop, mark my words.”

Mark Dice says he hopes his good buddy at CNN, Brian Stelter, isn’t the next sacrifice. Dice says he could never find as good a comic inspiration.

Sebastian Gorka talks to Breitbart’s Matt Boyle about the shock resignation of CNN chief Jeff Zucker, and who might follow him out the door in the wake of his sexual misconduct scandal. Could we see departures by Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper or other CNN hosts?


Conservative Momma

In this week’s edition of the lighter side of life, we feature a compilation of Conservative Momma moments, from her stint at White House pressers to her take on the insurrection in America to her impression of Joe Biden on a casual bike ride, and more. The political satire is courtesy of RenaudBe.

Wallace Back With Own Kind

Liberal Hivemind reports veteran news anchor Chris Wallace is finally where he belongs, joining his establishment, fake news brothers and sisters. In a not-so-surprising move over the weekend, Wallace announced to his Fox News viewers that he’s leaving the network for uber-liberal CNN.

“He’s finally with his own kind,” says Liberal Hivemind. “He’s joined a network that fits him absolutely perfectly. Good riddance, I tell you. You are exactly where you belong.” The news went viral on Twitter, where liberals dominated the discourse with untruths. Here’s more of Liberal Hivemind’s take.

Many Are Fighting Back

Hearings are set to take place in Michigan to ban voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems, the company based in Toronto, Canada that provided many of the electrnic voting machines in the 2020 Presidential election allegedly used to rig the results. More patriots are fighting in the lion’s den, and more Hellywood stars are exposed, and amazing vaxx pushback. Also, many toys will be difficult to get due to supply shortages this Christmas. Joe Biden strikes again! More from And We Know.

On an incredible segment from Brian Stelter’s Unreliable Sources, a panelist reveals the truth of the state of modern media, but of course, CNN learns nothing. More from RedPill78.

CNN Finally Comes Clean

After lying and pushing propaganda for so long, CNN finally reveals the truth about Joe Biden’s abundant failures as a president. Actually, CNN isn’t rounding a corner. But Mark Dice has some fun by grabbing select clips from CNN’s blowbag hosts. What a motley bunch of Leftist losers!

The Church Of Fauci

Brian Stelter of CNN weighs in on the Church of Fauci, where science and religion enjoy an explosive meeting. More from Tiberius Maxiums.


The Media’s About-Face

Remember how the media gushed over the Cuomo brothers, extolling the virtues of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s leadership and praising CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for his journalistic prowess. Even Hollywood celebs got into the act. Well, folks, the tide has turned. Gov. Cuomo has resigned in disgrace, Chris Cuomo is on extended vacation and the gushing media is in hiding.

CNN conservative and hater-in-chief, Brian Stelter, defends the situation, claiming he has no “reliable sources” for dealing with a journalism ethics issue this complicated, which, of course, is total BS. Kristi Leigh, long-time former news anchor at Fox and NBC, assesses the media’s about-face and offers up some Journalism 101 in this segment of InfoWars.

Poll: Dems Align With Trump

America is waking up to all the hypocrisy, the nonsense and the lies–and this includes Democrats! Liberal Hivemind says that Dems are now aligned with President Trump’s narrative on the origin of Covid-19.

A Harvard-Politico poll released last week reveals more than 50 percent of Democrats now believe the coronavirus originated in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, joining a majority of Republicans and Independents. The numbers also signify the highest distrust of the media we’ve ever seen in the modern Western world. Here’s more with Liberal Hivemind, who also gives his take on the Brian Stelter fiasco and authoritarianism.

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