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The Laughing Stock Of America

Brian Stelter will always be a laughing stock. But he’s putting himself out there even more with his latest whine. Now, he’s attacking Fox News because they haven’t run a bunch of selfies showing their top anchors getting vaccines.

We expect CNN to do that. It’s not a news channel, but rather a propaganda outlet for the Leftists. But it would be a mistake for Fox News to wade into that territory. Fox has shown it’s far from perfect, but still has some potential as watchable news. More from Mark Dice.

Elephant Has Entered The Room

Everything that President Donald Trump made great, Joe Biden is turning into an embarrassment. Now, Biden has got the U.S. military marching in step with his charade. Of course, it won’t be long before Brian Stelter raises the ugly elephant in the room. More from Mark Dice.


Fox News Cancels Lou Dobbs

Fox News has now canceled Lou Dobbs, conservative host of a popular nightly program on Fox Business News. When news stations begin canceling popular hosts, you know they are not responding to the usual market conditions, but instead, pushing forward with rampant political censorship.

This has become a hallmark of Fox News since they retained Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, as a board member. How do we characterize Paul Ryan? A discredited weasel who is almost as dirty and crooked as the upper-echelon Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. He’s part of an anachronistic, American political class that needs to be weeded out, like a patch of poison ivy.

We wish Lou Dobbs the best of luck.  We hope he lands somewhere else to carry on the good fight. If not, at least he went out in style, holding his head high and not giving in to chumps like Ryan.

Fox News and Fox Business News will no longer remain trustworthy or believable sources, now that they remain in the hands of Paul Ryan as well as the scum-sucking class of journalists he seems to have engendered, like Bret Baier or Chris Wallace. This confirms: Time to move along and seek out more credible, alternative sources.

Why did Paul Ryan strike against Lou Dobbs? Probably has something to do with Dobbs’ recent call for Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell to be impeached as support has collapsed for another Senate trial of former President Donald Trump. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Even North Korea — officially known as the DPRK or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — took a jab at Fox News. Saps!


Listen to Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent, advocating censorship. Of course, Stelter never calls it censorship. Instead, he beats around the bush, advocating conservatives get silenced, but never calling it censorship. In other words, he’s so typical of the Leftist pundits. He’s trying to preserve the delusion that what he’s pushing isn’t amoral. More from Sinatra Says.

Brian Stelter’s Year In Review

Mark Dice covers a lot of ground but there’s no subject he returns to as often, or seems to enjoy as much as, CNN’s Brian Stelter. Correction: CNN’s Little Brian Stelter.

He Doesn’t Think It’s Funny

Brian Stelter is up in arms again. President Donald Trump just isn’t conceding — and he’s not showing any CNN clips, either. The president had a big rally in Valdosta, Ga., and only played clips from Newsmax, One America News and Fox News. And that’s really got Stelter steaming mad! More from Mark Dice.

CNN: The Prophecy Of Trump

CNN’s Brian Stelter vs. Donald Trump in prophecy. In this video, Brian Stelter of CNN discusses Trump’s claimed weakness by not speaking enough. Stelter indicates he believes Trump is down for the count and that CNN and others have him by the throat.

On the other end, prophecy indicates Trump has a slim chance… a slim, slim, slim & small, small chance, all hope nearly lost ~ of only Biblical scope, only a miracle ~ like a David and Goliath fight while the media outlets and CNN chant David’s down!

In fact, prophecy of Kim Clement states that “… they will even say he is not speaking enough. But, God says, I have set him set him aside….. then highly embarrassing moments as another Snowden arises…. and people will become very afraid.” It is is at this point in the prophecy that it talks about a nation that will come very suddenly. I am assuming that will be China.

In Kim Clement’s prophecies surrounding this time-frame he highly talked about some kind of secret deal between four nations that ends up going sideways. Those nations he names are: China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia. I also pray for all four of these countries in this video. I particularly pray over Russia as I believe the Lord is working in the heart of that nation. More from Trey Smith.

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CNN Making Hit Lists

CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter is making hit lists, identifying “conservative” media that should be targeted should Joe Biden win the presidency. It sure didn’t take the Leftist media long to prove they are not outlets that believe in free press and free speech, but simply pushing some totalitarian Leftist fantasies for the future. This comes as Rep. Ilhan Omar,  D-Minn., calls President Donald Trump’s appearances “Klan rallies,” while the corporate executives of Dominion Voting Systems erase their online records. More from Lisa Haven.

Meanwhile, Florida has elected a new Far Left Congresswoman, Pam Keith, who apparently wants to abolish the First Amendment. She’s already talking about bringing down One America News, Fox News and Newsmax, as if that’s why she got elected to the Congress. Obviously, she’s never heard of the Bill of Rights. Dumb-ass Democrat! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Media Lies Once Again

The mainstream media has gotten used to lying these days. Their latest: They claim President Donald Trump is paring back his federal lawsuits challenging the Pennsylvania vote. Tim Pool found that claim made by the Washington Post, Politico and even some British news outlets like The Daily Mail. The only trouble: It’s a complete, insane lie. Looks like the Leftist propaganda wing is getting more desperate by the day.

And, as long as we’re roasting liars in the news media, let’s check in at CNN: the home of the unadulterated lie. Brian Stelter, the network’s media analyst, is popping his gut over the sudden rise in conservative news outlets like Newsmax and One America News. Perhaps it has something to do with the public no longer accepting what the old-guard mainstream media reports. Whether it’s CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, we now are coming to realize: These networks don’t give us the truth. They just spew propaganda. More from Mark Dice.

It’s the end of Big Media. AT&T is looking to sell CNN, while Fox News shares are plummeting on the stock market. More from Steve Turley.

Nobody Could Have Imagined

Brian Stelter of CNN hits No. 1 — with a bullet — on Amazon. His new book Hoax miraculously rose to the top of the heap for a minute or two. But then Stelter appeared on C-Span and itr was all downhill from there. More from Mark Dice.

Media Would Take A Bullet

Let’s face it. The Leftist media would take a bullet for Joe Biden.  A rant that’s ahhh… you know, the , uh… the thing. More from RazorFist.

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