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Obama Plans To Tank Bernie

Former President Barack Obama is telling friends that the Socialist Bernie Sanders is the wrong candidate to lead the Democratic Party and Obama feels strongly enough that he will intervene in the 2020 primaries in an attempt to ensure Sanders’ defeat. Here, Charles Gasparino of Fox Business News discusses Obama’s overtures with Tucker Carlson. More from The Liberty Hound.

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Of course, one reason Obama might be compelled to act: Bernie Sanders is not only a Socialist, but his campaign crew are hardcore Marxist-Leninists radicals of the worst kind. These are the idiots rushing to join Antifa and trying to stir violence against Republicans and independents, anyone who stands in the way of their Socialist revolution. Here, Project Veritas gives us another up-close and personal look at the social dregs attracted to the Sanders campaign. These are the brainwashed numbskulls and scumbags that Sanders places in key staff roles as field organizers.

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Not everyone is opposed to Socialist Bernie Sanders. Joe Rogan has given him a half-hearted endorsement. That’s Rogan’s prerogative, of course, but it elicited the ire of the Democratic establishment and even The New York Times.  Here Tucker Carlson discusses the controversy on Fox. More from The Liberty Hound.

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