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Storm Picking Up Speed

The Storm is beginning to rage and picking up speed. Arrests are on the horizon. Dave Hayes joins the X22 Report. Hayes is better known by his handle: Praying Medic.

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Trump’s Acquittal Counter Offensive Has Pushed Democrats PANIC To The Limit, They Are About To Break. Now that Trump has been acquitted in the impeachment trial he has begun his counter moves.

Vindman, His Brother, and Gordon Sondland have all been “fired.” In the case of the Vindman brothers they were abruptly escorted out of the White House just the other day. Following Trump’s move many media personalities and Democratic commentators threw a fit calling this the “Friday Night M**sacre” in reference to Richard Nixon’s downward spiral just before his resignation.

But in this instance it’s Trump’s victory. He won on impeachment and was acquitted, he won the emoluments lawsuit (one of them so far), and now he is removing staff with what he says is insubordination. These people serve at the pleasure of the duly elected president and to suggest that Trump can’t fire people is absurd.

But while this is going on Nancy Pelosi is facing a fierce backlash to tearing up Trump’s speech, Republicans are pressing an investigation into Hunter Biden, and the Democrats are embroiled in election scandals in Iowa. The Democrats are in freefall while Trump keeps winning. The panic is palpable and Trump is pushing it to the limit. More from Tim Pool.

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NewQ!!! He ordered pizza!!! Ye Olde Newspaper: Third Eye!!! Panic X 100!!!  More from McAllister TV.

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