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Maricopa County Under Fire

CodeMonkeyZ has come forward to share more intel about the upcoming drops from the Dominion whistleblower, Maricopa County is under fire, strange happenings with the death of Ashli Babbitt and Lt. Col. Vindman discredits himself again. More from RedPill78.

This fight is intense. Messing with the military, former and active, was a huge mistake. Pray! More from And We Know.

As the Biden Administration prepares to double-down on vaccine requirements, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stands firmly against bowing to unconstitutional mandates. Senator Paul is fully vaccinated, and one’s vaccination status has nothing to do with fighting unlawful mandates requiring experimental vaccines. More from Lori Colley.

Real Identity Of The Vindmans

Why has the Trump administration had so many problems with leakers, liars and traitors? Because our government was compromised by the previous Obama administration.

Barack Obama removed hundreds of Americans, many of them patriots, and replaced them with members of the Moslem Brotherhood, Russians, all manner of Leftist factions. Here, Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, discusses the crooked Ukraines, the Vindmans, who figured so prominently in the Trump impeachment hearings.

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Storm Picking Up Speed

The Storm is beginning to rage and picking up speed. Arrests are on the horizon. Dave Hayes joins the X22 Report. Hayes is better known by his handle: Praying Medic.

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Trump’s Acquittal Counter Offensive Has Pushed Democrats PANIC To The Limit, They Are About To Break. Now that Trump has been acquitted in the impeachment trial he has begun his counter moves.

Vindman, His Brother, and Gordon Sondland have all been “fired.” In the case of the Vindman brothers they were abruptly escorted out of the White House just the other day. Following Trump’s move many media personalities and Democratic commentators threw a fit calling this the “Friday Night M**sacre” in reference to Richard Nixon’s downward spiral just before his resignation.

But in this instance it’s Trump’s victory. He won on impeachment and was acquitted, he won the emoluments lawsuit (one of them so far), and now he is removing staff with what he says is insubordination. These people serve at the pleasure of the duly elected president and to suggest that Trump can’t fire people is absurd.

But while this is going on Nancy Pelosi is facing a fierce backlash to tearing up Trump’s speech, Republicans are pressing an investigation into Hunter Biden, and the Democrats are embroiled in election scandals in Iowa. The Democrats are in freefall while Trump keeps winning. The panic is palpable and Trump is pushing it to the limit. More from Tim Pool.

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NewQ!!! He ordered pizza!!! Ye Olde Newspaper: Third Eye!!! Panic X 100!!!  More from McAllister TV.

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Growing Up Deep State

Q: What do the CIA & the Mafia have in common?
A: Large Unassimilated (censored) Communities.
This video was inspired by research into the Impeachment witnesses Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovich and the other guy – Voldemort. He Who Shall Not Be Named.

More from Amazing Polly.

Democrats’ Treasonous Allies

Democrats wanting to call Alexander Vindman as an impeachment witness are sealing their own doom. It seems Vindman’s brother, Leonid, is a convicted guns, arms and nuclear smuggler whose company, Tungsten Capital, has engaged in trafficking operations in Libya, Iran and the Ukraine.  Is it at all surprising that the Democrats are aligned with two brothers with track records committing treasonous acts against the United States? More from George Webb.

Webb is the Washington, DC, investigative journalist who discovered the Biden Blackberries used to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal. Biden’s DIA Blackberry is key to Trump’s impeachment defense.  Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Billy Bulger and Paul Pelosi all carried a DIA Blackberry configured by Dimitri Alperovich of Crowdstrike.

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It’s All About To Be Exposed

Dr. Dave Janda appears as as a guest guest on the X22 Report. He explains how the Deep State contrived to remove Mike Flynn. Even so, the Hunters are now the Hunted. Stay tuned because it’s all about to be exposed.

Panic in DC! Jack Parsons! Aleister Crowley! Breaking the 8! More from McAllister TV.

The future continues to prove the past. More of the Q posts continue to come true. JustInformed Talk explains.

Growing Up Deep State

Amazing Polly takes a closer look at three of the witnesses whose testimony sparked the Trump impeachment hearing — the former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the former National Security Council Director for European Affairs Alexander Vindman and Eric Ciaramella, the alleged whistleblower that House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff refuses to name. What a stooge, Schiff is.

If a whistleblower can’t even be named, how do we have any ability to ascertain if what they are saying might be true or not? How can you gauge their credibility as a witness? We’re seen lots of bogus Congressional hearings over the years, but this one takes the cake as perhaps the phoniest, most political nothing but a scabrous witch hunt.

Jeffrey Epstein Guards Arrested

The two prison guards have been arrested, the pair who were looking over Jeffrey Epstein the night he was murdered. RedPill78 brings us the news along with word that the Vindman perjury trap has been set. Also in this episode: Mrs. Strzok is furious, a look at the love birds. And, the latest on the on-going Schiff Show.

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The [Deep State] continued with their fake impeachment. This time there were two who actually sat in on the call, but the phone transcript was released and they did not have much to say. Adam Schiff and Alexander Vindman tried to protect the whistleblower’s identity but, in the process, actually projected to the people that they know who it is. The patriots are setting up the narrative that the corruption was in Ukraine but it was Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Brennan. Q drops more bread and confirms all of this. More from the X22 Report.

Watch 1900, the latest spooky trailer from In Pursuit Of Truth. Mark it: 12/21/19: A day that will live on in pursuity, which is just shy of in perpetuity.



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