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Blago Pardon Rattles Deep State

President Trump is being showered with criticism after pardoning some high-profile prisoners, including former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. But it appears the move was meant to send a direct message to the Deep State. In 2011, Blagojevich was convicted on corruption charges related to solicitation of bribes in an attempt to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. He served eight years of a 14-year sentence before the pardon from President Trump. RedPill78 is reporting that multiple witnesses have stated that President Obama was directly involved in the fiasco, attempting to get his friend Valerie Jarrett appointed to the seat. There is also evidence that accomplices in the scandal include Robert Mueller, James Comey and Patrick Fitzgerald. Simply put, Blagojevich was set up by the Deep State and President Trump knows all about it. More from RedPill78.

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Sean Hannity is reporting, “Something big is in play. The Deep State knows it and it will shock the nation.” Lisa Haven discusses what this might be. Meanwhile, she says, the Democrats have been holding secret meetings to try to further disrupt the Trump administration, as they did during their prolonged, bogus impeachment hearings.

The Deep State is in a panic. With President Trump acquitted and Attorney General Bill Barr, opening new investigations, it’s apparent some of the Deep State liars and quislings will be hung out to dry. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

What will be revealed? Hard to say. But if you are following George Webb, you know many of the revelations to come. Here, he explores one of those, the involvement of Peter Strzok and Adam Schiff in selling off the missiles that the Americans seized from Qaddafi in Libya. Besides Strzok, who spoke Farsi, another individual involved in the sale was Pete Buttigieg, who also is fluent in the language and, in fact, speaks seven languages. Who bought the missiles? Would you believe the Iranians. That’s right, the Democrats were selling weapons to Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani.

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Canada Rising!!! McAllister TV interviews Norman Travesty about the Liberal lies that have run amuck in Canada. We learn of the pig farmer Robert Pickton who operated his own nightclub — The Piggy Palace Good Times Society — in a barn on Pickton’s farm in Port Coquitlam, east of Vancouver.

Rock bands came to play and the Hell’s Angels provided security. But the premises became a bloodbath. As many as 49 women, more likely far more, were butchered and slain on the grounds of the pig farm, their bodies chopped up and fed to pigs.

Here, Travesty talks about that disgusting case of mass murder, and questions whether Pickton acted alone. It’s long been rumored that the women murdered — most of them prostitutes from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside or DES district — were sometimes filmed as they were slain, the snuff films sold to degenerates who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch these ritual slayings. Debate also also centered around whether Pickton committed these crimes by himself or whether other individuals were involved, some of them drugged, so they could be blackmailed later. It’s known the booze and cocaine flowed at these pig parties, and that not only Hell’s Angels, but off-duty Vancouver cops participated.

We might never know the truth, because Canada has kept many of the particulars of Pickton’s trial secretive. To this day, Canadian prosecutors have never been forthcoming or honest about that debacle. It’s not isolated, either. While Pickton was murdering prostitutes — in the late 1990s and early 2000s — Justin Trudeau was serving as a drama teacher at a middle school right next to Pickton’s pig farm. You have to wonder: Was Trudeau a participant in the pig parties? Why did he pay an underage girl who was one of his students hush money?

This case bears further research because so much of it mirrors the evil shenanigans and sick depravity we’ve seen surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and like-minded deviants in the United States.

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