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Bernie’s Disturbing Sexual Views

Mr. Reagan delves into the writings of Bernie Sanders, writings that reveal the thinking of a true sociopath with some mighty peculiar sexual views.

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A true Democratic war is breaking out — pitting the remaining Liberals within the Democratic Party against the Socialist upstart Bernie Sanders, who is now taking many of the primaries and caucus states. Dr. Steve Turley discusses this intraparty bickering, now breaking out into a full-blown feud.

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MSNBC is in full panic mode over the possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee. The few signs of serenity now will become full-blown insanity later! More from Ovation Eddie.

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We close with H.A. Goodman, discussing the latest broadside attacking Bernie Sanders from The Washington Post. Goodman has repeatedly predicted a stalemated convention from which Hillary Clinton will emerge to save the party and oppose Trump again in 2020. If the Sanders supporters allow that, they not only lose the election. They will likely lose their minds.

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