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Boom! Jen Psaki Roasted!

Fox reporter Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki why cyber crimes are up since Joe Biden has ascended to the White House. In a matter of a few months, we have seen oil pipeline companies hit by cyber attacks as well as the world’s largest meat producer. Of course, Psaki lays the blame on the companies. But when those companies are operating under a lawless regime, how can anyone take her seriousy? Boom! More from Ovation Eddie.

What are the consequences of these cyberattacks? More insidious inflation for food and energy. If these are, in fact, Russian hackers as the Biden spokespeople are saying, then these are forms of warfare aimed at destabilizing America. We’d like to see the hapless Biden administration protecting our nation, rather than sitting back idly and allowing the country and its people to be destroyed.

Of course, that’s probably asking too much. These are Democrats. They are incapable of doing anything constructive on behalf of America. More from Trish Regan.

This Isn’t About A Virus

I keep hearing people exclaim in frustration that “none of this makes any sense!!” … Well that depends on how you look at it. Let me explain. More from Amazing Polly.

The pandemic might not be about the virus, but there’s growing attention to exactly how the virus came to be. Did it origin in China or did China simply conduct research not permissible in Europe and the United States? In other words, did Anthony Fauci have a hand in this monstrosity? Listen as Rand Paul questions him about gain of function and how it might have contributed to the Wuhan lab leak. More from Ovation Eddie.

Mark Dice also focuses on Rand Paul’s exposure of the wretched Anthony Fauci. Says Dice, “Rand Paul rips Dr. Fauci and people are starting to wake up!”

Black Lies Matter

Mark Dice continues on his quest to debunk and expose the many lies spun by the pseudo-Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. You can’t be Marxist when you’re scarfing up millions to buy news mansions. And you can’t be trusted when you’re lying at every twist and turn.

We’ve finally heard from Patrise Cullors, the Black Lives Matter co-founder who bought a $1.4 million mansion with money contributed to the group by dumb-ass Liberals. She defended the purchase, saying “I’m buying these homes for my family.” More from Ovation Eddie.

Biden At The Teleprompter

Joe Biden can’t cope with teleprompters. He gets in front of a camera, and his words turn into gibberish. Every time. Here’s the latest: Everyone violating coronavirus mandates will be “risking more desks.”

The Democrats might as well just have the CIA punch a dart into Biden’s butt and put all of us out of his misery! Of course, then the hysterical laughing will really begin. More from Ovation Eddie.

Biden Completely Falling Apart

Joe Biden is losing his mind. And that’s a problem because the dude has very little grey matter left to lose. He’s flying completely bonkers. So dumbfounded he can’t even remember the name of his Secretary of Defense.

But his administration has important matters to resolve — like creating “new maternity flight suits” for women flying in the U.S. Air Force. You know how it goes: How can you attack the Russians if your rouge is sticky? More from The Salty Cracker.

Here’s a quick take on the incident involving Lloyd Austin, the retired four-star Army general who Biden appointed to run the Defense Department, but now can’t remember his name! More from Ovation Eddie.

Twitter Now A Snoozefest

Now that Twitter has removed former President Donald Trump and barred him from Tweeting, the place has turned into a Leftwing snoozefest. Millions of conservative, patriotic Americans have abandoned that stale social media platform. ll you’ve got left are the addled Leftists railing against the flag or arguing why illegal aliens should hold every job in the nation! Now, Trump is talking about coming back — but not on Twitter. He’s eyeing Parler. More from Ovation Eddie, drawing from Trump’s interview with Newsmax.


Circling Back

You have to wonder: Was Jen Psaki a diversity hire? How long will she last? More from Mark Dice.

Can you last a full night if you swallow one shot every time she says “but, um?” More from Ovation Eddie.

Does Jen Have Gingervitus?

Jen Psaki has a case of the um um ums. Not too clarifying for a Presidential press secretary. Perhaps she has an answer, but it sure doesn’t sound like it. More from Ovation Eddie, with an assist from South Park.

Blasting Biden’s Divisive Policies

Joe Biden’s Mexico border policies are blasted by Stephen Miller, former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy. Miller appeared on Jesse Watters Show on Fox News. Ovation Eddie weaves in an Iron Man parody.

Check Out The Press Now

Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, the mainstream media has stopped snarling and gone back to doing what they do best: Asking softball questions fit for a kindergarten class. More from Ovation Eddie.

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