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Coronavirus: Cover For Arrests?

Journalist Liz Crokin offers a new update on her theories that the coronavirus pandemic is providing a cover for mass arrests tied to Satanic pedophilia. We believe what she is saying is correct and is exactly what President Donald Trump was describing when he said, “We are at war with a silent enemy.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored all of Liz Crokin’s work. In the absence of the original video, we present this excerpt touching upon some of the same material.)

CirstenW is joined by Gene Decode, relaying information on troop movements not only in North America, but also across Europe, including Great Britain. They believe more DUMBs — Deep Under Military Bases — are being demolished. And we are certainly seeing many more signs of celebrities flipping out. These celebrities — some of them vicious child murderers — face imminent arrest.

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