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Brennan, Podesta Facing Death?

CirstenW says former CIA Director John Brennan has been arrested and taken for trial at GITMO, facing the death penalty on June 7 for ordering five murders, including the deaths of journalists Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings.

CirstenW says the death sentence comes after a former CIA agent James Gaffer testified that he was ordered by Brennan to use an ionization microwave weapon on the five victims. These weapons can be used at short range to cause heart attacks or to force moving vehicles to malfunction, leading to crashes.

Michael Hastings, a former contributing editor to Rolling Stone, died in just such a traffic collision on June 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. At the time of his death, Richard A. Clarke, a former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and  Counter-Terrorism, said what is known about the crash is “consistent with a car cyber attack.”

Hastings was said to be preparing a report on the CIA at the time of his death. He told his attorneys and fellow journalists that he feared attack and questioning by the FBI.

Breitbart, likewise, had been a vocal critic of the Obama administration. He had launched an investigation into pedophilia charges surrounding Obama counselor John Podesta and, perhaps even more damaging, Breitbart had begun to assert that Michelle Obama was not a woman, but a man.

Here, cirstenw lays out her intelligence on Brennan, saying he has been under arrest since early April. Joining her in a discussion on the case are George Nasif and Scott McKay, the “Patriot Streetfighter.”

Word also is leaking of former White House counsel John Podesta facing trial at Gitmo and death on June 1 by a firing squad after being found guilty in two capital crimes. First, he had hatched a plot to kidnap Baron Trump and hold him for ransom unless his father, Donald Trump, abandoned his Presidential race. Secondly, Podesta and others worked through a Vatican assassin to kill Trump on one of his visits. Trump was unharmed, but his food taster died from eating poisoned food intended to kill the president. More from Lions Republic Entertainment.

We also offer a second Lions Republic Entertainment video dealing with the second day of Podesta’s trial. He  reportedly suffered from erectile dysfunction, so he took Cialis in order to get hard-ons. But Podesta didn’t take Cialis to have sex with adults, only to pursue pedophilia against children. The account says he acknowledged taking adrenochrome from children, a practice he supposedly learned from Bill Clinton. These adrenochrome cocktails cost between $250,000 and $400,000 each outing, and Podesta admitted taking them 12 times.

Dropping Bombs Like Cherries

Michael Jaco and CirstenW drop lots of bombs as they discuss all the news happening out of the range of the mainstream media. Not only do they discuss some of the raging battles involving DUMBS, or Deep Underground Military Bases, but also a lot of the nitty gritty behind the Suez Canal incident. And, no, Cirsten, you are certainly not a “shy-com.”

DUMBs Getting Cleared Globally

DUMBs — or Deep Underground Military Bases — are being cleared out around the world. Here, Gene Decode discusses this campaign with CirstenW.

Latest DUMBs clearings have taken place in Iceland, around Greece and in Armenia and Myanmar.

More than 18,000 earthquakes have been reported over the past two weeks in Iceland. Those aren’t natural earthquakes but alliance forces knocking out the DUMBs dwellings and caves. Gene Decode says some 200 special forces died in one of those DUMBs, somewhere between Iceland and Greenland, in an attack that took them by surprise.

Gene says some big name celebrities are starting to spill all the beans. They include Martha Stewart and Richard Branson.

The Deepest Secret Of Them All

What is the deepest and darkest secret of them all? Undoubtedly, it’s the sinister Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs. These enclaves exist around the world, and it’s where paramilitary forces have seized and taken children for decades. These kids are not only abducted for sex trafficking but much more hideous crimes. Some are murdered for their adrenochrome that the elite consume, believing it prolongs their lives and aids their acuity.

President Donald Trump and the U.S. military waged a prolonged war against these DUMBs and rescued many children held captive. But this operation remains clouded in secrecy. The mainstream media never reports on these bases, nor has uncovered the perverted practices occurring deep below the Earth’s surface.

Here, Gene Decode joins with cirstenw and Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter, to delve into the hidden world of the DUMBs. Find out why Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outfits spent millions to defeat President Trump.  It’s because all these Deep State creeps are involved in these wicked and shameful endeavors. Time for all of us to shed a light on the evil, and expose what’s been transpiring so it can be ended forever.

Chinese Communists Disappear?

This Breaking News is still unconfirmed but looks promising. The Chinese Communist Party is being dissolved with the aid of the United States,Taiwan and Chinese forces. President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping are coordinating this long planned-out operation, which will place Trump back as POTUS where he belongs after his landslide election win on Nov. 3, 2020. More from the Patriot Streetfighter, interviewing CirstenW.

Here, CirstenW explains more of the details of what appears to be a bold move involving Taiwan, the U.S. military and Xi Jinping to take down the Chinese Communist Party. This will either be one of the most dramatic historical events of the past century or one of the most elaborate Internet hoaxes!


Are Obama, Biden Under Arrest?

(BREAKING NEWS: We present David Zublick’s breaking news. We have seen other similar accounts beginning to circulate on the Internet. We have not verified any of this news independently. We present it here so you can be aware of what is being said and judge it for yourself. We have seen Zublick break big news before and also seen him spin some whoopers, so again, we’re not ready to commit one way or the other yet, but this bears close watching!)

Barack Obama has been arrested in Hawaii and charged with espionage. Joe Biden began wearing a boot that could hide an ankle bracelet, although he claims the boot is due to an injury. CIA Director Gina Haspel has been captured and detained on charges of election fraud – and is said to be spilling the beans on Obama and Biden.

Also arrested: A George Soros doppleganger clone in Philadelphia. It’s said the real George Soros died earlier this year at the age of 89.

The charges against Obama involve collaborating with the Communist Chinese. For Biden, he has reportedly been charged with stealing millions in US Treasury reserves, deposited into Biden’s Cayman Islands bank account via the holding company Rosemont Seneca. It’s said Biden is negotiating and will cede the 2020 Presidential election to Donald J. Trump.

The Dominion Election Servers swung votes from Donald J. Trump to Biden in the November 2020 election. This was done at Dominion locations in Toronto, Canada, in Barcelona, Spain and in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tonight, we bring you this breaking news. Leave the world you think you know behind and join David Zublick at the Dark Outpost.

Here is a second report that surfaced Wednesday, citing an Obama arrest in Hawaii. This report was made by cirstenw with support from George Webb. She claimed Obama had been arrested on November 28 — last Saturday — on a charge of espionage, conspiring with former CIA officers, on behalf of Communist China.

Corruption In The Vote Count

How can Secretary of State offices in Michigan and Pennsylvania allow vote counting to be done by individuals wearing Joe Biden face masks and stickers? Aren’t those flagrant signs of corruption and malfeasance?

The Michigan Secretary of State is Jocelyn Benson, a 43-year-old Democrat, originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State is Kathy Bookvar, a 52-year-old Democrat, originally from New York City. Both of these women are attorneys. So you would think they would uphold election laws and govern with impartiality, not permitting poll workers to wear insignias favoring one party or the other.

More from CirstenW who conducts an election round-table with Mel K and Charlie Rose, getting into the blatant partisan election, marked by gross cheating, that we just witnessed.


Pedophile Network Exposed

Mouthy Buddha exposes a massive pedophile network. Learn how the controversial Netflix film Cuties relates to this network. We’ll give you a clue. Many of the raunchy images can be found on a web portal called “The Cutie Garden.”

Yes, it seems the term “cutie” is favored by pedophiles to describe young girls who slather pedo fantasies. The young girls might be pictured doing everyday tasks, but the pedophiles see them differently, using quite sick, if imaginative words. Also, Mouthy Buddha recounts some improvements in how the Russian search engine deals with pedophiles.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring the pedophiles and the children? Join a conversation with MelDigs on the CirstenW Channel.

Adrenochrome Busts Heat Up

The mainstream media keeps silent, but the world is learning more all the time about adrenochrome — the elixir extracted from living children, subjected to hideous torture and abuse by an evil cabal of Satanists.  Who uses adrenochrome? The rich and famous, seeking to extend their lives and improve their looks. It’s a popular drug in Hollywood, as well as among musicians, fashion models and artists. They keep it under wraps, but it’s also big in political circles, among top academics and members of the business elite.

You want to know why so many CEOs resigned over the past year? Because the evidence has begun to leak showing their involvement in swilling down adrenochrome. Much of it comes from China, but there are also adrenochrome labs in the Western Hemisphere, including a handful of them in the United States.

Here, Mel K joins Cirsten Weldon to discuss recent adrenochrome busts involving billions of dollars worth of the drug.

We also learn more about the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was a major supplier of adrenochrome to the elite. Why did Epstein have dentists’ chairs at his mansions and resorts? Because the most potent adrenochrome comes from living children, ages 3 to 11. strapped into the dentists’ chairs, they are tortured and beaten until they are out of their minds, causing a massive infusion of adrenochrome into their bloodstream. It is the so-called byproduct of the flight or fight syndrome.

At the peak moment, the kids’ teeth are yanked out, and a tube is injected into their gums to extract blood. Sometimes, a syringe is used instead through the eye sockets. The point is to begin to remove blood while the children are still alive. Also,  the tubing is pushed as close as possible to the pituitary gland,  near the base of the brain, which is involved in the secretion of adrenochrome.

The adrenochrome discussion begins at just after the 31-minute mark in this video. Both cirstenw and mel k are actresses, who have worked in Hollywood as well as New York and Florida.




Vomit The Hedgehog

Twenty new counts or rape and sexual assault have been charged against Ron Jeremy, the adult porn actor. The charges involve 12 women and a teen-aged girl. More from Jamie Dlux.

Was Eyes Wide Shut a warning to us from filmmaker Stanley Kubrick? Was he murdered because he revealed too much? Here, Melody Krell joins cirstenw for a discussion on child trafficking. Much of the talk centers around Eyes Wide Shut but also Isaac Kappy, who we have covered several times. Prepare for an in-depth and quite informative talk.

We close with Sean Stone, a Hollywood-based filmmaker, who says investigations are now on going into the many film personalities — directors, producers and stars — who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. There could be explosive followups to come, spinning off the Ghislaine Maxwell probe, that will shake up Hollywood and the film industry for decades to come. Stone is the son of Oliver Stone, and hosts a TV show, Watching the Hawks, on RT. More from RT.

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