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The Storm Has Begun

President Donald Trump opened his daily press briefing on Sunday with a bombshell, reporting that the U.S. military has freed a group of young people from precarious situations in Peru, Honduras and two other locations, including a girl who was being threatened and abused.

“We spoke to (Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman) General Mark Milley and he took care of it and we got her out,” Trump says. “We’ll report further on that one, but it was rough stuff.”

Trump says that with the help of the Peruvian and Honduran governments, the military is working on rescuing others from these locations. Could this well be the beginning of the storm–the unsealing of the 200,000-plus indictments and the patriots’ mission to free the planet of the evil that has plagued it for decades? Stay tuned. Hear Trump elaborate on the military raids in this video from ABC News.

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