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This Is Not Normal

In this clip from the “Medical Martial Law 2020” edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James Corbett warns against normalizing the chaotic events that are unfolding across the globe right now. The house is on fire, and we will never put the fire out unless we acknowledge that fact.

The military has put plans into place for martial law, citing extraordinary circumstances. Does this mean will we face martial law on a national basis? Not clear. It’s also possible we could see more limited implementations — say in a metropolitan area under siege from the coronavirus. And what of the implications for the 150,000+ standing indictments that have been compiled over the last couple of years? Will those be opened and resolved during a martial law? More from Tim Pool.

CirstenW discusses the massive troop movements. Where are they going? Where might we see arrests? When? Not surprising, one center of activity is the western hub of the CIA — the Denver International Airport. We do not have martial law across the nation, but there are restrictions and forms to fill out to cross state lines, or in some places, to leave your residence. Also covered: What is NESARA, the National Economic Security and Recovery Act?

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