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Pedogate 2020

Remember when the mainstream media told us James Alefantis was perfectly clean and had been unfairly maligned by conservative extremists? Well, guess what? The mainstream media is full of Leftist liars. They were protecting James Alefantis — the same as they protect pretty much every pedophile and child murderer, especially those with CIA ties.

Here’s a documentary that goes down a few dark and deep rabbit holes linking Google with nude images of children, served out especially for pedophile friends of James Alefantis armed with the right code words. See how many bigwig politicians connect with this sinister cult — Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and folks like Ron Burkle and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. More from Mouthy Buddha.

Boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez says a monstrous Hollywood pedophile ring exists, but will soon be taken down. He says this ring also includes professional athletes in addition to Hollywood figures. His advice: Be patient. President Donald Trump is on the right track, but these kinds of rings cannot be defeated overnight.

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