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What’s Behind The Curtain?

The exuberance on Twitter was prominent just a few hours after Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was announced. Conservatives who had been banned began returning, and many tweeted the same messages that got them ousted in the first place–things like:

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas is a guy
Men can’t get pregnant
Abortion is not health care
There are only two genders
2020 Election was rigged
Ivermectin works
Cloth masks don’t work

On the other side, there were threats of leaving Twitter and cries that Democracy has ended. A New York Times editorial board member predicted Twitter will be a “scary place and far more toxic” under Elon Musk.

There are people who must be very nervous right now that their secrets will be exposed. Let’s look at the ramifications. More from Lori Colley.

Mouthy Buddha notes how scores leftists lost followers in the days immediately after the sale while conservatives across the board gained thousands uponnthousands of new followers. Obviously, the left-leaning management at Twitter had been playing games, not only shadow banning conservatives, but in many cases, banning them completely. Soon, we will see how this all shakes out. In the meantime, Mouthy Buddha says the country is becoming more free, even as the leftists wail over their loss of censorship opportunities.


The Power Is In Your Hands

As Facebook transforms into the Metaverse, what are the implications for the future and how we communicate and entertain ourselves? Is Mark Zuckerberg paving the way for fantasies or a barbaric dystopia? How about Zuckerberg himself? Is he really a human being or just some sort of a bizarre cyborg? More from Mouthy Buddha.

Pedophile Politicians

Why are so many politicians pedophiles? Doesn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats in the USA, or members of Royalty in Great Britain, we see scores of cases where these powerful politicians preyed upon children.

Not only did their peers refuse to punish these low-life scums, but society at large rarely was even aware of the crimes, hidden by the press, overlooked by corrupt courts and protected by law enforcement agencies around the world.

In Volume Six of his Elite Human Trafficking series, Mouthy Buddha reviews some of the most notorious offenders, from Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew to Dennis Hastert and Jimmy Savile.And what about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Bill Clinton? How long can these fiends be allowed to prey upon children? Enough!


The Cult Of Moloch

Mouthy Buddha introduces us to the ancient cult of Moloch, which practiced the sacrifice of the young to appease a bloodthirsty god. Many presumed that this horrific cult vanished centuries ago, but Mouthy Buddha finds powerful politicians, Hollywood performers and dilettante intellectuals who still seem to be under the sway of Moloch.

Are these sycophants or full-fledged murderers themselves, handing over children to be tormented, tortured, and even, murdered? In particular, Mouthy Buddha examines the story of the Luzzato family, and specifically, Tamera Luzzato, a former staffer for Hillary Clinton who previously worked for Sen. John D. Rockefeller, D-West Virginia.

Walt Disney And Jeffrey Epstein

The Jury is being selected for the case the Pedophile Elite feared, and the Judge has already ruled that the co-conspirators have to be named. Think this could be why they’ve all gone insane?

The fact that Ghislaine’s Submarine is being discussed on the news shows that things have changed. Just wait till the normies learn that Disney Cruise Ships had a routine underwater child delivery stop to Epstein’s docking bay.

It’s great to see Liz Crokin’s return to the news, hope she becomes a regular contributor to OANN. More from SonofEnos.

With the Ghislaine Maxwell trial getting under way, it’s time to review the many tribulations surrounding Ghislaine, as well as her confidant and partner in crime — Jeffrey Epstein. Here is the Mouthy Buddha video that explores the realm of Ghislaine and her TerraMar submarine work.

The Riddle Of Covid-19

Why are the vaccine hesitant being shamed? Why are many of them losing their jobs? Mouthy Buddha explores the riddles surrounding Covid-19.

Dr. Phil’s Turn-About Ranch

Mouthy Buddha explores the sexual abuse charges surrounding Dr. Phil’s Turn-About Ranch in Utah and the charges against him by Bhad Bhabie. In addition, Mouthy Buddha delves into the swirl of abuse surrounding the Brazilian faith healer John of God, who had been endorsed openly by Oprah Winfrey. These reports are parts of the Elite Human Trafficking Series.


Patterns Of The Cabal

Mouthy Buddha returns with another probing look into the hidden world of child pornographers and elite human traffickers. What are the symbols these fiends use to communicate their hideous pastimes? How do entertainers, like Donnie Wahlberg and Justin Bieber, take marching orders from the political elites, the Leftist scumbags like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Who is atop this vile pyramid? How do we bust their chops?

Elite Human Trafficking, Part 2

Here’s part two of Mouthy Buddha’s latest probe into Elite Human Trafficking. Here, we are introduced to the Art in Embassies program, a federal program administered by the State Department to supply artwork for U.S. embassies. Sounds worthwhile, but in actuality, it might well be a cover for child and sex trafficking.

Mouthy Buddha gives us a look at many of the sinister characters operating on the fringes who have been involved or aided by this program: the spirit cooking Marina Abramovic, dubious Brazilian faith healer John of God, super art collector Tony Podesta and Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis. We also meet Sabrina Bittencourt, who tried to expose how John of God ran sex slave farms for baby trafficking, only to be found dead shortly thereafter. (Editor’s Note: If you are squeamish, you might need to close your eyes for some of the John of God “faith surgery” scenes.)

We meet several other shady characters here: the artist Jeff Koons and his former wife, the Hungarian porn star Cicciolina. How can Koons serve on the board of the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children?

Others introduced: David Epstein, who operates the art shipping firm Masterpiece International, and Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, who took money from another Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein — even after Epstein had been convicted of child sex trafficking! Negroponte has said, “If you wind back the clock, I still say, ‘Take it.'”  He might be a powerful academic, but this dude has no class whatsoever. A true scumbag!

Pedophile Network Exposed

Mouthy Buddha exposes a massive pedophile network. Learn how the controversial Netflix film Cuties relates to this network. We’ll give you a clue. Many of the raunchy images can be found on a web portal called “The Cutie Garden.”

Yes, it seems the term “cutie” is favored by pedophiles to describe young girls who slather pedo fantasies. The young girls might be pictured doing everyday tasks, but the pedophiles see them differently, using quite sick, if imaginative words. Also, Mouthy Buddha recounts some improvements in how the Russian search engine deals with pedophiles.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring the pedophiles and the children? Join a conversation with MelDigs on the CirstenW Channel.

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