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Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

We Knew This Day Would Come

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media events are failing. The American people are watching very closely to see how their leaders react. The people are noticing that they care more for the rioters than the people. The [DS] is ready to make a move. The patriots are now on alert readiness. All optics in place. More from the X22 Report.

It’s time for those of us who are conservative to fight for our survival — and the future of our children. The Left means to destroy our world. They envision a new society without police, without money, with nothing left to own or to protect. Of course, that talk of utopia is all a fraud. The peons will be left wandering around blind as bats, while the Leftist elites — say Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer — will be calling the shots, living high on the hog, ensuring chaos at the grassroots level. Anyone who believes otherwise should go buy the Brooklyn Bridge!

Pray for America, patriots! Have faith and trust in God! May be beat back these Leftist banshees as well as their horrendous and corrupt leaders. More from And We Know.

Is the Shadow government secretly plotting a mutiny? You know, the unelected government of Barack Obama, who thinks he is still ruler of the United States! It’s time Obama and his dirty minions — James Comey and John Brennan topping the list — are all arrested and brought to justice for their great crimes against Americans. More from JustInformed Talk.

If Attorney General William Barr isn’t going after the Deep State, why did one of their minions just do this to him? More from Black Conservative Patriot.

In this video, we cover how the protest movement may be co-opted and how there is still a police state, yet there are also expanding initiatives to defund or even disband police. More from We Are Change.


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