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The Wait Will Soon Be Over!

The people are waking up. They realize the Mainstream Media/[Deep State] continually push conflicting stories. People are no longer believing each event. The silent majority will speak out when it is time. Criminal referrals are coming. Barr explains that those who are treasonous, who committed crimes against humanity will be held accountable. More from the X22 Report.

Last Friday new docs released by the FBI in the Hillary Rodham Clinton investigation of her email reveal staggering new info. Judge Emmett Sullivan’s personal prosecutor — John Gleeson — has released his brief regarding Michael Flynn. And I go over some STUNNING new info given by a source about ARRESTS! Also, Attorney General William Barr offers an update on the work of John Durham. More from RedPill78.

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Q asks: Do you see what is happening? Antifa, BLM, riots, duplicitous Dems, defunding police. It’s an agenda that serves one entity, and it’s not we the people. Dustin Nemos joins the SGTReport to discuss the enemy of the people.

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