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The Skin Of The Gods

Lori Colley draws some fascinating connections linking the gold coffin of George Floyd with the skins of the gods — the golden, glitterati costumes worn by the members of the Illuminati in their secretive revelry. Who are the Illuminati? They are the Globalists like the banking family, the Rothschilds, who have been trying to push the United States and all other nations into some big uniform state, the New World Order, that the Illuminati controls.

The beast is revealing its hand and the Left is all in–but there is NO PLEASING the enemy. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Defund movement? And what’s with the resemblance of the Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with the obnoxious poltergeist Beetlejuice?

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Proverbs 13:9 says it best: “The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.” We are seeing this in the bloody revolution that Antifa and Black Lives Matter tried to wage in cities across the nation over the past week. Why did they need to foment chaos? It was all part of their push to establish a Communist-style government on our shores. Instead of light, they gave us smoke and mirrors. It was 4th generation warfare, meant to distract us and to destabilize our society. Not only should the ground leaders of this insurrection be punished, but also those politicians, like Barack Obama, working behind the scenes to foster upheaval.  More from JustInformed Talk.

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What’s the Clergy Response Team? It’s a group of more than 25,000 Christian ministers, as well as Jewish rabbis and Moslem imams. They are said to have signed on to brainwash their congregations and followers to obey government authorities. For those who are Christian, the focus is on Romans 13, which deals with submitting to government authorities. McAllister TV dives into this team as she discusses recent problems that Mark Taylor has been having. Someone is pretending to be him and taking donations fraudulently.


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