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The Battle Lines Draw Tighter

The battle lines are drawn. And, if anything, the crossfire is getting stronger. Hard to tell the good guys anymore without a program.

More fake variants are being pushed onto the people — at least, those who still believe the malarkey surrounding the pandemic. John Durham could have more indictments soon for the stooges from the New World Order. And there are squabbles involving any number of figures, including Lin Wood and Michael Flynn. Stand strong, and pray! More from And We Know.


A Wonderful Future Lies Ahead

The [Deep State] is preparing for a information war. Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins soon. John Durham is on the hunt and the election fraud cases are building.

The [Deep State] just pushed the propaganda piece: the Omicron variant. Countries are now shutting down travel from Africa, They are pushing chaos to block information.

This will fail, The people are waking up and no matter how much they try to push the fear, the people are no longer buying what they are selling. The people are pushing back and Trump lets everyone know a wonderful future lies ahead. More from  the X22 Report.

Don’t Skate On Me

The Kenosha Kid Walks! “Hey, kid! You can’t just kill people! That’s the government’s job!” More in a righteous rant from RazorFist.

The left is melting down, but sometimes, within their words, you can hear the truth….More from RedPill78.

Rittenhouse, Durham, Virginia! Justice is on our side! Propaganda and lies belong to the Democrats, weapons in their war machine. Pay attention to the slow drips! Pray! More from And We Know.

Durham Sends Dems Into Terror

The Democrats are screaming as John Durham’s probe begins to cut down the most criminal and egregious of these offenders. Look for the terror to rise to the surface as indictments fall upon higher-ranking clowns!  Pray for protection! More from And We Know.

Will Durham Go All The Way?

Joe DiGenova joins Sebastian Gorka and breaks down John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State. DiGenova, a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, also gives his thoughts if Durham can get the job done. More from America First with Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka also interviewed Kash Patel, who called the so-called Russia Hoax “the biggest scam in American history.” One of the main players in the fight against the Steele Dossier & Deep State, Patel joined Gorka to discuss John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State.

The Year Is Almost Up

Dave Hayes, the Praying Medic, has written two books about Q. The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. The conversation begins with the Rittenhouse trial. The fake news is losing the narrative and the people are seeing the truth. The Jan 6 unselect committee is looking for the devolution plans. This is why they are going after Trump’s cabinet of people. This will fail. Then Dave talks about how something big might happen in January. A year is almost up. as Trump says. The storm is approaching. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Joe Biden, the leader of the Democratic snakes, is pushing back his vaccine mandate. Many businesses asked for a delay, but the real reason Biden is going along: The country is becoming more mobilized and opposed to stringent, globalist measures likes these mandates.

We are seeing a red wave building that could be so strong, it will negate the inevitable cheating, fraud and corruption committed by the boa constrictor party. Bye bye Byden. Soon, all will be revealed. At that time, your rule of tyranny is going to end. More from And We Know.

We close with Jordan Sather’s latest Destroying the Illusion update, addressing not only Steve Bannon, John Durham and Pope Francis, but also Ghislaine Maxwell, UFOs, and Biden’s vaccine mandate getting struck down. He closes with some scientific topics, including dark matter and geoengineering.

Kyle, Durham And Truthers!

The line is drawn! We must hold on to God and pray! More from And We Know.

Bob Kudla joins us for our monthly chat, where he gives us some of his favorite picks and tells us how we can survive the Biden economy. More from RedPill78.

The Queen Must Be Removed

The [Deep State] is now becoming desperate. Their narrative is falling apart and John Durham is now ready to unseal more indictments. Trump has said that the 25th Amendment will be used against [Joe Biden]. A year is coming up and normally Presidents get their annual physical. If this should happen the doctor will rule that [Joe Biden] can not govern, which sets everything in motion and the 25th will be used against him.

Will [Nancy Pelosi] take the bait? Will they install her as the Vice President? At this point, [Kamala Harris] would become the acting president with polling numbers closing in on single digits. The Queen must be removed to get to the King. More from the X22 Report.

Durham, Demons & Depression

Many are experiencing spiritual battles! It is all overwhelming at this point! It’s all coming down! Pray! More from And We Know.

Trail Leads Directly To Hillary

The promise of Durham’s investigation has begun to unfold and the trail leads directly to Hillary Clinton. Any questions? More from RedPill78.


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