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Seattle Police Surrender “Chaz”

Seattle Police SURRENDER East Precinct to armed far leftists, 7-block radius declared “Free Zone.” The police claim this is a de-escalation tactic and that may be but it really seems like this is semantics. Seattle PD abandoned the department after claiming they wouldn’t and the far left moved in to create a 7-block area called the Capitol Hill Free Zone.

It does seem a bit like these people are just LARPing but many are now taking up arms and wearing body armor. There are calls for armed guards to protect the barricades and local business have been forced to “disaffiliate” from the city.

In other jurisdictions, prosecutors are outright refusing to charge rioters and protesters for crimes committed giving favorable law enforcement based on ideology. While we can mock these people it is important to note that this could be the start of something more dangerous if something isn’t done soon. More from Tim Pool.

Chicago descends into chaos and anarchy as crime spikes to historic levels. Antifa creates an autonomous “no go zone” in Seattle. Are any of the Leftist Democrats capable of actually running a city that isn’t a vile snakepit? More from Mr. Obvious.

What’s it like inside the Seattle no go zone? Here’s a look? As you can see, these occupiers are not too coherent nor especially friendly. They are thugs — junior thugs, to be sure — but thugs nonetheless. Here, a news team gets chased out of the premises. The journalists had to go seek refuge in a nearby fire station.

After police surrendered the east precinct activists barricaded an area called THE CHAZ. The area is now copless and has around 500 residencies. Far left activists have been flocking to the area in what looks like Occupy Wall Street 2.0

Police will likely back off and allow this to continue for some time. Considering all that we have seen over the past few months it will likely begin expanding and could potentially become something dangerous or something silly and eventually dissipate. The left is arguing that this shows how defunding or abolishing the police would work but so far Democrats have rejected the calls to disband or defund police outright. More from Tim Pool.

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